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Feeling stuck in the muck? Relationships not rockin'? Lack motivation, activation and dedication? Positive Psychology to the rescue. Have fun and get it done!

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Is your relationship stuck in a rut? Has your love lost its luster? Are you bored, misunderstood, or feel unappreciated? Then check out my brand new ebook...

Rev Up Your Relationship Resilience ~ 7 Positive Psychology Tips to Make Love Last

No matter what the state of your relationship, or that of your family and friends, positive psychology’s cutting-edge research will revamp and rock your relationship world.

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Intro to Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology Coaching:
An Introduction

If you have heard about the science of positive psychology, but the concepts are vague, this course will ignite your leaning and clarify your understanding of the life-enhancing principles that lead your way to flourishing and living your best life now.

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Positivity Coaching - Experience It!

"Charismatic and keenly capable, Judy is a superb coach whose warmth invites clients with challenging issues to map their success strategies and enjoy the journey to happiness and well-being. Dedicated, loyal, and curious, Judy's coaching hums with a unique rhythm of wisdom and contagious playfulness. I highly recommend her to those seeking a talented, caring coach."

~ Ben Dean Ph.D., Founder/President MentorCoach LLC

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Positivity Changes Everything

Are you suffering from Serious-itis or Stuck-itis? Procrastination, Perfectionsim or Fear? Is Overwhelm your middle name? Positive Psychology is the ticket. Destination? Your Best Self!

Known as “Dr. Spunk”, I am not your usual coach! Unconventional, zany, and warmly passionate, I wholeheartedly believe you are special. Within your mind, heart and soul, you have the capacity to accomplish whatever you want, experiencing gratitude and joy in your journey.

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Dr. Judy Shares Positive Psychology
with High School Students

"Wow! What an amazing, upbeat presentation to my classes. Thanks for sharing your positivity with us. My high school students were talking about your cool presentation for days. They were so engaged and mesmerized. Your scope is impressive! You really opened their eyes to how life-altering Positive Psychology is and how using their strengths can help them live their best self life forever. It was so interested, I took the VIA (Values in Action) assessment, too. Thanks for opening up my kids to their whole new world of exploring their character strengths potential. This new science rocks, Dr. Judy, and so do you!"

Renate Blennert
Social Studies
Lincoln High School
Manitowoc, WI

If Your Bookshelf Could Talk, What Would It Say About You?October 20th, 2014

Do you have a dear friend who always floats your boat? One who emails you everyday reminding you of all that is good in your world? Who discusses books and life? I am blessed with a fun, brilliant, academically gifted friend like that. The idea for this blog bounced around in my neurons after my […]

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Rock Your Relationship ~ 10 Partner Positivity TipsSeptember 23rd, 2014

Are you a good partner? Are you invested in your lover’s happiness, meaning, and promise for a happy life together? Maybe you need a little polish to make the gems in your relationship shine. Yes, it does require a bit of elbow grease. But your rewards are mutual magic! Time to shake, rattle and roll […]

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