10 Tips to Make Springtime Blossom with Positive Emotions

For many folks, April means springtime.

​​A time for new beginnings.​ ​Flowers​ budding.​ ​W​arm sunny breezes cares​sing​ ​your welcoming face. ​Sweet ​honeysuckle and lilac fragrances seeping into ​y​our soul. Is that how you ​joyfully ​see, feel, or notice spring?

Sitting here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where spring and summer happily blend into a never-ending array of floral fancies, I fondly remember our Wisconsin, USA, springtime. ​We usually leave here mid May. ​Talk about anticipation! Begone snow drifts, red noses, and frigid fingers and toes. ​Before we spent our winters in Mexico, ​I would go outside every​​day ​in April ​and look for the first signs of green​ ​​peeping up​ in my garden. The tender green crocus sprouts were an immense gift. ​Soon after​, the brave purple, white and pink ​crocus ​blossoms erupted in all their treasured splendor.

These days in Mexico, I ​continue, albeit by proxy, to be ​spoiled by WI’s beauty, kind courtesy of my dear friend, Annie Pfeffer. ​Every spring, ​she sweetly stops by our home. With eagle eye​s​, she darts around the gardens until she spies ​​a crocus o​r​ two. I can he​ar​ her now, “Aha! There you are. Mama Judy is going to be so tickled!” She snaps a few photos and messages them to me. How is that for a special friend with a huge, generous heart​?​ Sitting here ​at my terrace desk, ​I smile with glee as I see my ​WI ​home begin to wear her springtime jewels. Annie is one of the ​most precious and beautiful​ flowers in my garden of life.

​Another springtime tradition​ is ​not so pretty​.

​I am not happy nor proud of it, ​as it ​involves me chortling a few choice word​s! ​M​y other ​beloved​ ​WI ​friend and ​right-hand garden artist, Sarah Stelze​r-​Gross​huesch, ​​is used to commiserating with me. Why? Despite the garlic clips we festoon on the tulip beds, every year ​we notice ​and savor ​only a few ​precious ​parrot tulips​. Bravely, ​​they are ​​still left standing after ​dastardly ​deer have munched down ​scores of their​ tasty ​comrades.​ ​​Last year I think we planted 200 bulbs, ​and only three or four survived the deer’s savage feast.​ I know, why bother? But we both love tulips​.​ ​W​ith positive psychology optimism​ and resilience, ​we keep hoping the deer ​will​ disappear. But this year I made an executive decision, sad to say, and no more bulbs were ordered. Boo hoo and shoo shoo you devouring deer!​ ​

On a brighter note, this year we will trek home early in a couple weeks​. I need to stop by our WI home before I fly to Delaware to attend my 50th high school reunion. Gulp! Fifty years. But more about that after the event. Even though leaving Vallarta is always bittersweet, I ​gratefully ​look forward ​to s​savoring​ ​my garden beauties.​​You bet my ​iphone will be close at hand. I​’ll ​have a huge grin plastered on my face as I ​appreciate​ yellow, orange, white, lime green and even pink daffodils. Then I​’ll ​bask in the ​fragrant ​splendor of​ ​pink, purple, blue and white hyacinths, blazing yellow forsythia, and rich budding lilac bushes. Ah…I ​close my eyes right now. I take a deep breath​. ​I ​joyfully ​breathe them ​in ​and visualize the​ir​ kaleidoscopic ​cacophony of elegance and beauty​. Soon…​

Beauty​ and Grace.

​The splendor of anticipation coming to glorious fruition. Remember the Value ​In​ Action​, VIA​ character strengths? Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence is my top strength. ​N​o wonder I love springtime and​ ​anywhere flowers warm my heart and open the doors to sensory delights. This strength adds ​nurturing ​texture​ to my life. I hope to yours, too. ​Hmmm…​Beauty ​inspires​ me ​to ponder about life. ​

How can you look at life through a ​crystal ​clear ​positivity lens? And ​why​ is that so important and beneficial? ​Because any time you see​, ​feel and savor something lovely or positive, or celebrate excellence in a job well-done, your body produces ​branches on your ​​”​​feel good ​tree of life​.​​”​ You might not have a money tree, but delightfully you have a happiness tree. The happiness neurotransmitters, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins fertilize your tree and create happiness blossoms. The​y​ even bless you with greater longevity. They gift you with wondrous feelings of awe and well-being. And I am reminded​ awe​ is one of the 10 Positive ​E​motions.

Aha! Springtime and the 10 Positive Emotion​s​.

​Let’s have some ​fun. ​After you read my examples, ​explore your own life. See how you ​create beauty and excellence​ and positive emotions​ to ​your ​spring​’s ​new beginnings:

1. Joy

Notice yourself happily smiling at the ​cascade of ​colors as spring bursts into b​bountiful ​blossoms.​ Journal your joy to remind yourself on a dreary day.​

2. Gratitude

Take the time to notice ​​what ​sheds brilliance around you. ​Thank everyone for everything. Appreciate your life and your relationships.

3. Serenity​

Close your eyes and feel peace​ and grace. Let contentment bless you. Look for ​the good. Mindfully savor ​these​ ​treasured ​quiet times.

4. Interest

Be curious. Pay attention to how your garden or world changes as each spring day arises​ with novel new beginnings.​ Be alert and aware.​

5. Awe

Become mindfully ​open​ ​as ​your sharpening​ senses​ ​invite​ ​in flow experiences​. ​Enjoy life as each​ spring​ day​ emerges in all her splendor.​ ​Wax in wonder​.​

6. Amusement

Laugh as the first robin poops on your terrace! Savor your first hummingbird sucking up nectar at your feeder. Delight in your kids cavorting​.​​ Laugh often.​

7. Hope

Spread positive emotions to others less fortunate. Encourage optimism. Take some flowers to a friend. ​Do five Random Acts of Kindness in one day. ​​ Smile often.​

8. Pride

​Do what you have put off. De-clutter. E​xercise​.​ ​Celebrate your achievements. Exude confidence and self-assurance​. It’s OK not to be humble.​ Embrace your talents.

9. Inspiration

Breathe in new ideas. ​Plan and accomplish a​​ project​. Feel your ease emerge. Help someone else​ and inspire them. ​Start to ​simplify ​spaces​.​ ​R​el​ease​ overwhelm.​

10. Love

The sweet summation of all the other ​positive emotions. ​Explore life, connect, play, share and learn for yourself and joyfully with others.​ Practice self-compassion.

​Love requires trust, ​closeness, ​and an openness and willingness to understand and accept influence from others. It puts a positivity spit shine on your life. ​Note, too, the ​Capacity​ to Love​ and Be Loved​ is also a character ​strength. ​Cherish love​. It is ​the gift that makes life a wondrous adventure. Positive relationships add more to your experience of happiness and wellness than perhaps any other positivity facet.​ Remarkably, ​​​positive relationships add happy years to your lifespan.​ ​Live longer and be happier. It doesn’t get much better than that. Keep your relationships sparkling!

Funny, I caught myself smiling just now.

Out of nowhere an image popped up. I visioned a row of gorgeous tulips, each with one of the 10 positive emotions written on the blossom. How fun is that?​

Hope your springtime is filled with ​happy​ new beginnings.

If you need help getting your ​springtime ​plans into ​action, I would love to serve you. Feel free to give me a call​, ​or ​message me​ ​via​ text or​ email.​ I’d love to help you add more ​positive psychology coaching ​color ​to your garden of life. Imagine how great it will feel as you ​plant new seeds and proudly smile as your accomplishment garden grows.

The time is NOW to become your own life’s master gardener. Nothing like tiptoeing though the tulips with you!

Joyfully savoring springtime with you ​and ​wishing you well-being, happiness, and fun flourishing, ​