15 Powerful Questions to Uncover and Ignite Your Strengths

Have you unearthed your character strengths? If so, do you remember what they are? D​o​ you recall they ​​are ​your cornerstone foundations to live “The ​G​ood ​L​ife”? ​T​he values that energize you to live your authentic​​ best self life​. ​Your well-being life vest, too, when the negativity waves come crashing down upon you. Imagine your life vest has all your… Read more →

Life’s Meaningful Meandering: 15 Positive Psychology Quotes

Do you love summer? Do you f​eel​ happier the way I do? Getting out into nature or perhaps ​looking forward to ​a​ long awaited v​acation ​on your horizon? Like a carrot in front of you, it makes you smile in anticipation​.​ ​It ​helps ​keep you focused ​on your work/play journey​ goals. ​ With no vacation planned this year, unless someone… Read more →

10 Tips to Make Springtime Blossom with Positive Emotions

For many folks, April means springtime. ​​A time for new beginnings.​ ​Flowers​ budding.​ ​W​arm sunny breezes cares​sing​ ​your welcoming face. ​Sweet ​honeysuckle and lilac fragrances seeping into ​y​our soul. Is that how you ​joyfully ​see, feel, or notice spring? Sitting here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where spring and summer happily blend into a never-ending array of floral fancies, I fondly… Read more →

Rock Your Relationship Resilience

Spark the Power of Positive Psychology Coaching How’s your relationship? Humming along or need a little tune up? Never fear, positive psychology coaching strategies are here! Science is confirming what we have known for decades. We are social creatures who need positive relationships for well-being. In fact, studies are revealing your relationships might be THE MOST IMPORTANT factor contributing to… Read more →

Self-Compassion and Kindness: How to Gift it to Yourself and Humanity

When you think of the words “self-compassion” and, “kindness”, what definitions pop up into your head? I challenge you to really sit into that question. Maybe it sounds easy at first. But dig deep. Self-compassion and kindness are awe-inspiring concepts. They are paired together like a spinning kaleidoscope creating colorfully nuanced prisms of positivity. Did you think of LOVE? Or… Read more →

Unleash Your Gratitude Guru – 12 Positive Psychology Coaching Tips

Gratitude When you pause and think about “gratitude”,what courses through your heart, body and spirit? Before you begin your journey reading with me today (and I am grateful you are here!), may I challenge you to hit your pause button? Mindfully allow yourself to wander into glorious awareness. Breathe in ease. Let go of all that does not serve you.… Read more →

Job Crafting, Strengths and Meaningful Memorial Day Muses

Memorial Day weekend has come and gone. For me, it was a time to pause, remember and appreciate service. A weekend filled with positive reminiscence, gratitude, and poignant freedom stories. Pride, courage, sacrifice. How about you? Has the military impacted your life? I watched the John Wayne movie for the fist time, “They Were Expendable.” It’s about the early PT… Read more →

Sweet Savoring – 10 Tips How To Create This Well-Being Habit

When you hear the word, “savoring”, what pops into your mind? Food? Happiness? An adventure? Perhaps you are like many of the folks I coach. You have not given savoring much thought. If so, you are missing out on your best self life experiences. Time to turn on more enjoyment, happiness and appreciation. Savoring is one of my all-time favorite awe-inspiring… Read more →