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Coming and Going ~ Patience and Flower Petals

© 2011 Dr. Judy Krings

What buds burst open for you in springtime?

When I was getting ready to leave Puerto Vallarta to go back to Wisconsin world,
I admit it came with a mixed jelly bean bag of every emotion in the book.
Sadness to leave the beauty, warmth, and the sounds of the lilting waves upon
the shore below our jungle perch. Joy to know I would be seeing Mom,
the grand kids and the rest of the family. Prayers that the 6″ of snow my city
received recently would have vanished. Anticipation of planting my garden.
Stacks of mail to trudge through. My life transitioning from a waltz in Mexico
to the hubbub of home.

I was mourning my gardenia plant I have lovingly nurtured.
Patiently, I waited 4 months to savor her fragrant blooms.
Finally, wouldn’t ya know, she is ready to pop forth with 40 blooms.
Drat! I am going to miss her splendor by a day or two.

Feeling sorry for myself, I knew I needed positive psychology coaching.
I put on my gratitude grin and searched for a way to shift my perspective.
Aha! These yellow blossoms chirped cheer! Look for the good.

What is blossoming in your life right now?

What do you hope will blossom?

What to want to blossom?

What do you need to blossom?

Funny what came to mind. The words: “Today” and “Yes!”
Is that you I see dancing to the tune, “That’s the way, aha, aha, I like it. I like it?”


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