Antique Cuban Jewelry: Loving Legacy

© 2011 Dr. Judy Krings

Do you own a piece of antique jewelry like these beauties from Havana, Cuba?

How did you acquire it? Do you know its story?
What strengths does it conjure up for you?
Appreciation of beauty and excellence? Love?
“I’m sorry” forgiveness? A celebration?

This lovely box filled with Havana history gave me pause.
Who owned each piece? When and why was it sold?
Was the owner grateful for the sales, or were they sad?

If these artistic treasures could talk, can you imagine the sagas they’d tell?

It’s just Stuff, maybe to some of you, but my gut tells me if these
lovely objects are worth their weight in gold; human spirit gold.

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So what’s lurking in your jewelry box that revs up your positive reminiscence?

Is that you I see with a gratitude grin, savoring a legacy yarn to spin?

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