Fun Quiz: Am I Ready for Coaching?

Have you ever thought about getting a coach?
How do you know if now is the right time?
Take this fun quiz. No wrong answers.
Goody! Be bald-faced honest with yourself.
This is not the time to be humble.
It’s time to own up to your own awesome authenticity.

Every answer is a lovely leap towards becoming your Best Self:
 1.  When do you feel most energized? What engages your senses so time flies
by and you go into FLOW?

 2.  What are your personal limitations? How active is your little gremlin,
your inner critic, who stubbornly stymies you?

 3.  What do you love about your work (or life’s journey if you are not working)?

 4.  How are you unique from others? (Ask others to tell you and be ready for
some surprises! This was life-altering for me.)

 5.  What is going right for you? What are you passionate about? Proud of?

 6.  What causes you stress? What are your challenges personally and professionally?

 7.  Which challenge is the big hairy monster who needs to be slain immediately?
Which challenges can you send out to pasture till later?

 8.  What are 3 opportunities you have but have not taken advantage of?
What are roadblocks to your decision-making?

 9.  What are 5 goals you want to accomplish in the next 3 months?
Light-weight or heavy weight, no matter!

10. What strengths do you know how to utilize to help move you forward?

So how about it? How did you do?
Did other questions bubble up as you did this quiz?
Remember you can always go to my site at
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One more thing…
When you make the joyful decision to transform your life into the dream
you have imagined, and you get a coach, always let your coach know about
how you like to be coached:  Gentle nudge; Energetic encouragement, Direct
suggestions, Pedal to the metal and full steam ahead;  Saunter and savor;
Send me information emails; or Nail me if I am not accountable!
You direct your coach’s traffic. I love your feedback and appreciate every
comment. What’s whipping around in your plans turns my cream into savory butter!


I’d love to hear from you!
Just send me your questions, and I will answer in a future blog.
You can also connect with me on facebook, LinkedIn, or twitter