Are You Having Enough Fun? Take the Play Quiz

Can you believe summer is half over?

We are finally getting a few 80F lazy, hazy days of summer weather here on the shores of lovely, shimmering Lake Michigan. Hope you are staying cool and enjoying freedom, fun, and a vacation.

I am waxing philosophically about my life.


Maybe it’s because I am getting older. I am taking time to savor how blessed I have been. How wonderful to have love and a life I look forward to every day. I realize how hard I have worked and how special it is to love my career as a positive psychology coach. “How lucky I am!” the phrase Mom always used, wanders through my head in nostalgic appreciation. But I know I still need to remind myself to play. What do I do? Often I go outside to feel that positive emotion “pride” in my colorfully wild and a tad unkempt garden. I actually take playful pleasure in pulling weeds! And knowing I allow my garden to take me over. The British would shake their heads in despair if they saw my randomness. But it is fun!

Back inside the house, after almost three years in my basement, I am finally going through the 9 large boxes of Mom’s photos and collections. Bittersweet. This life passes so swiftly. But so many playful times re-ignited rainbow colors of the times Ken, Mom, son, Sean, and I traversed the world together. Now THAT was big time playing. And lasting memories.

Yesterday on my Walmart errand, I ran into clients from 25 years ago. It was a happy, playful reunion. I was surprised they recognized me after all these years. Amidst the Irish Spring soap, we were happily reminiscing about where life had taken us. They were so very grateful, and I was humbled. blushing, to We teased about our looks and shared our lives. More positive reminiscing at its best.

We all matter.

Kindness and gratitude never get old. Neither does genuine play and sharing special memories. After they left, I began to think about play. It reminded me to focus and be aware of play. It adds such vitality to your life.

I posted this blog below a few years ago. The play shoe still needs to fit no matter how old you get. Maybe even more so as you have less time to treasure life.

Add play to your punch everyday… and please remind me to do so too if I forget!

The other day, I coached two accomplished guys who asked me the same question, “What is fun?” Then, “Can you help me learn how to play again?”

One man was stymied when I asked him, “When was the last time you had fun?” He couldn’t remember. “How did you have fun when you were a kid?” I asked.

Again, he took pause. Finally, he shifted to bygone days when fun and frolic were on his radar screen. Positive reminiscence reared her positivity head. I could hear
his smile as he lightened up. Like a hot air balloon, memories elevated his soul. It was great to hear him shift into happiness and self-care mode.

Truth be known, even though I am blessed to be one of the happiest people I know, I too often let FUN sit in the last row of the plane. The pleasant FUN sounds get drowned out by all the background noise of life’s cacophony of post-it note lists waiting to be accomplished.

As adults you know you need to work.

But do you know you need to play and have fun, too?

Your emotional, cognitive, social and even your physical health, depend on your having fun. Play = De-stress from life’s mess!

Authentic Happiness and Flourish author, and famous positive psychology pioneer, Dr. Martin Seligman, says there are 3 essential elements to your mental health:
work, love, and play.

PLAY? Did that surprise you?

Positive psychology coaching research is rolling out the carpet for you to embrace PLAY. Rather than a reward, it deserves a major place at your life’s happiness table.

Time to jack up your well-being!

Fun starts here.


Take the “Play Quiz”:

1. Do you mindfully schedule time for play every day?

Do you know HOW to have fun daily?

2. Do you free-fall while you play, rather than have an exact way you play?

Do you read a joke from your “Fun File”?

3. Do you laugh out loud and savor your body stretching into it?

Google “Laughing clubs” or Laughing Yoga” and be amazed.

4. Do you have a “play list” of fun activities to remind you of fun stuff to do when time is short?

5. Do you let it all hang loose, dance, yell in glee, or shout “Yippee” to celebrate little life joys?

Who cares who’s watching!

6. Do you share your fun with others? Double your pleasure!

Laughter is contagious.

7. Do you play for no reason?

No schedule, no exact plans to be followed.

Just go with the frivolous fun flow.

How did you score? What fun fluttered by?

I thought of making mud pies with puffy pink mimosa tree flowers, blowing bubbles, and watching the frogs and koi in our pond. I can’t forget digging in the dirt planting
my colorful smörgåsbord of thousands (no exaggeration) of summer flowers. We have a short summer in WI, so it is big time play/work to get those plants swaying to the
rhythm of Lake Michigan breezes.

How about you? What floats your PLAYFUL FUN boat?

Need an upbeat attitude amplifier?

Pause for a play break. Jump for joy. Call a friend and compare fun ideas.

Play a musical instrument or listen to music.

Make FUN and PLAY a regular part of your day.

You know I am dying to know how you play. I could be naughty here, imagining how you play and what you might say, ’cause I know so many of you! I will restrain myself, however.

Have fun…Flash me an email, that is, and make my day full of play.

Just thinking about you having fun adds sparkles to my universe.

What?!? Is that YOU I see mooning ME? Tell me it ain’t so!!!

Well, I DID tell you to play!


And speaking of fun, see me having the time of my life when you take a gander at my new bestselling book on Amazon ~ Kindle

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