Take The Quiz – What Gobbles Up Your Time?

I don’t know about you, but there are several habits, tasks, chores, or everyday stuff I often allow to erect a blockage inhibiting me from getting done what I really want to get done.

How about you? Have you ever identified your time thieves?

Do you ponder what to DO each day? Or what the BE?

Do you remember to FOCUS on your choices? Do you PAUSE to reflect on your PRIORITIES before making meaningful action plan decisions? Or do you rush around like a chicken with your head cut off?

AWARENESS is key, no matter what your agenda. PRIORITIZING is a gift you give yourself. Ignoring priorities gives you a gargantuan gut punch of reality. Despite your efforts and good intentions, you are so disorganized you don’t meet your stated agendas. That “one foot nailed down and going around in circles” feeling of overwhelm plops right down on your doorstep. Yuck!

I have a challenge for you to tame your time thief tigers:

Pick one very easy activity or goal. Maybe call a friend, smile at a stranger, walk for 5 minutes. Do that one easy thing. Now discover what strengths helped you get that done. Applaud that strength and remember it is a hero for you. Maybe it is critical thinking, kindness, curiosity, or judgment. Or maybe you used several strengths in a brilliant constellation. Terrific! Remember to use these again and keep shining!

Maybe you accomplished your plan/goal because it was easy. Maybe it was because you were motivated. Maybe because you were curious. The point is, you did what you said you were going to do. You chose a plan and acted it out. You made it manageable.

Why then is getting done what you SAY you want to do often so blamed difficult? Why does wasting time often supersede your success?

Perhaps it’s because you are choosing a harder, more complicated goal. Or maybe a long-term goal with many steps. Or a goal someone else wants you to do.

Fascinated, I thought about this life interference issue. I decided to identify obstacles for getting things done. Time-wasting bug-a-boos. I came up with a list of activities or circumstances that gobble up time. I also listed a solution for you.

Take this quiz. Check off your time-busters:

1. Not pausing before you go to bed to look at your calendar.

Taking a glance reminds you to plan and be prepared for tomorrow. Also, tell yourself something good about what you will be doing. And what positive emotion/feeling you will have when you complete your day. That sets your success stage and triggers a smile before bedtime. You are organized!



2. Not making a list of three priorities you want to get done each day.

Rank order what is most important and begin with that. If you finish those three, add another. Good for you! Celebrate your accomplishment with a pat on your back. Yes, a real physical reminder reminds your body, “Well done!”

3. Letting “worry-warting” deplete your stamina.

What you worry about does not matter. Maybe it is worrying about what others think. Or a deadline. Or family issues. Worry changes nothing. It is like sitting in a rocking chair. It is something to do, but it does not get you anywhere. Instead, get up. Take a walk. Make a call. Stretch. Shake your body. Movement decreases obsessing. So does deep breathing. Ahhh…



4. Allowing technology to rule your life.

Do you check your cellphone or email hundreds of times a day? How is that working for you, Bubba? Instead, schedule only a few specific times a day to look at your devices. Otherwise they strip your energy all day/night long. Give your eyes a rest. Also, stand up and walk when you are on the phone. New research states sitting is as bad for your health as smoking. YIKES! Buy a standing desk. I love mine!

5. Permitting perfectionism.

Put a lid on Perfect Patty or Precise Paul perfectionism. There is no such animal. Do the best you can and LET GO or BE DRAGGED!



6. Not asking for help when you need it.

Oh, this is a real bug-a-boo for me. I hate to bother other busy people. I often struggle spending too much time trying to sort out my crap. Please ask for help. I know it is hard, but just do it, as Nike has told us for ions! Set your pride on the curb.

7. Fearing…well, anything.

Fear zaps your energy. FEAR = Fantasy Experience Appearing Real. It doesn’t matter what the fear is. Face it head on. A great book is Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, by Susan Jeffers. Like worrying, fear is based on learning and brain-based. It is normal, but if it is interfering with your life, get professional help. A positive psychology coach may be your ticket to identifying all that’s good and right within you to conquer your fears.



8. Being too much of a do-gooder.

Not that there is anything wrong with helping others, but you need to take time for your own self-care, too. Be self-compassionate. People pleasing or being concerned you have not done enough for others leads to overwhelm. Be kind to YOU! Self-compassion is the anecdote to overwhelm.

9. Self-derogation for not achieving what you set out to do.

Please extinguish whining, complaining, or any type of self-flagellation for your unfinished business. Yes, you make mistakes. Sometimes the same ones. You are human. Accept the normalcy of it. Instead, “Look for the good” within yourself. You are an amazing person filled with so much greatness and so many wonderful strengths. Love yourself, then pay that forward. Also, save energy for yourself, too. Celebrate your victories rather than punishing yourself for misdemeanors. When you finish a desired task, Yell, “YES!!!” and throw your hands up in the air. Yup, it is as simple as that.



10. Playing the procrastination excuse card.

Rationalizing and convincing yourself you might get a lightning bolt of “Aha inspiration” and then you will get started. I call this, “Waiting for the magic.” Sometimes you need to put on your own magic cape, get a book on how to do magic tricks and begin to learn how to do a trick. DOING is the key work here, not hoping or praying, and imagining, but DOING the actual grunt work. One baby step or one gigantic step at a time. You choose. Ease or stretch might both work for you depending on your goals. Writing down or journaling what you accomplished is a motivating treat to yourself, too.

11. Not taking the time to be GRATEFUL to others as well as grateful to yourself.

Research indicates stretching your gratitude muscle adds more happiness, meaning and joy to your life. It is an extremely powerful strength and positive emotion.

12. Resting on your laurels.

Taking life for granted. Did you know the top regrets of the dying according to professional gamer James McGonigal are: Not employing the courage to express your true self; not keeping in contact with friends; not doing what you wanted, but doing what others expected ignoring your own dreams; not letting yourself be happier; and working less hard and enjoying life more. McGonigal also stated playing games actually boosts your mood and adds to your happiness. Get a goal done and then play a bit.



How about you?

How many on the time-robber list hit home for you? What other time-zappers rain on your parade?

I challenge you to make your own list. Identify them and create an action plan to nix your time-zapper negativity. One step at a time.

I also suggest you use positive visioning. Imagine how good you will feel about yourself when you tackle your time-robbers. Remind yourself, “I am creative, resourceful, and enough. I have within myself many positive strengths to nix my nay-saying behaviors and attitudes.”

Time to rev up your coping strategies. To lighten your interference load. Imagine how much lighter you will feel when you LET GO of your time blockades enabling you to Live Your Best Self Life!

I love to hear from you. I’d also love to know how you began your 2019 on the positivity train to having fun and getting it done…no matter what you choose to conquer.

Happy New Year with big hugs,


PS. And if you are having some problems with goals that seem to allude or any other hassles, please call, email me or text me. As a Positive Psychology Coach, I would love to help you harness your strengths and assist you in living your Best Self Life NOW!