Keep Dreaming, Savoring, and Accomplishing ~ A Grateful Adios!

Who has been your life’s hero or heroine?

Those of you who have read my blogs for the last 11 years know my darling, sweet, unassuming Mom was my heroine. She still is. Gone now for six years, everyday I miss her quiet, lovely wisdom.

Today is my 70th birthday.



I remember when Mom was 70. That’s when I started to think she was getting old. I needed to treasure every memorable moment with her. To be mindful her life would not last forever. I remember Ken and I dropping her off at the airport to go back to Delaware after a summer’s visit. I started to cry. Ken asked why. I expressed my sadness at her departure, and soothing me, Ken told me she would bless us with her loveliness for a good long time.

Maybe because Ken lost his Mom when he was nine, he has a great logical perspective, a “live in the NOW moment” mentality. He kindly helped me center myself to look for the good. I shifted from “what if” (two nasty words most of the time!) to savoring the great times we had had at our condo in Door County, WI, and to our terrific traveling the world together adventures. Re-framing rocks me to reality. I was reminded much about life is the narrative we tell ourselves about it. Ken, my rock of reason, really helped me appreciate the present. And to vision more good times we would create in the future, too.

How grateful I am Ken’s prediction was spot on. We had 24 more years of Mom’s grateful life to share love and to weave in more colorful, joyful memories.

At 70 today, I ponder, “How the hell did I get this old this fast?” I remember Mom telling me age was only a number. Her friendly admonition, “Never stop. Just keep going as long as you can. And don’t give up when times get tough.” Great words to live by. A timeless gem of wisdom from a jewel of a lady.

Today is another milestone. Most of you know I love my work/play as a positive psychology coach, coach trainer, clinical psychologist, author, and blog writer. In the past I enjoyed offering international presentations, radio and TV shows, blog spots and other fun but time consuming activities. I appreciated it all, but exhaustion too often began to sit in the seat next to me. I was reminded age and even beloved non-stop work takes a toll.

A few years ago when some major health issues began to rear up their ugly heads, I made a promise to myself, “Judy. if you are blessed enough to have your wits about you at 70, put a pitchfork in your load. Head to the barn while you can still trot, while your horse can still kick, even if not so high. Another momism that continues to make me smile.

While I am NOT completely retiring, I am trimming back my work rose bush. I will be taking more time to notice, smell, and plant new roses. To savor life more, keep dreaming, keep reading, but also to wrap my arms around more freedom. To hopefully orchestrate a few more adventures. And of course spending more time with my beloved hubby, Ken, and family. And I would so love to get another dog!

Breaking news: This will be my last blog.

I have a few tears in my eyes as I type this to you, my dear appreciated readers. Thank you from the depths of me for enjoying my blog each month (and back when I first started, I blogged everyday!). And special thanks for those of you who kindly and generously took the time to write to me to let me know when a blog hit a home run for you. Oh that made me smile.

Paying positive psychology forward has always been my passionate pleasure. I hope you have enjoyed learning about positive psychology as much as I have. You have made my heart so very happy. “Thank you” are two very small words with mountainous meaning.Thanks for sharing your peaks and valleys with me. I am forever gigantically grateful to you.

I have thought for several months about what to write this month, my last ride on the roller coaster of my positivity blog life.

You know Mom was the most influentially optimistic person in my life. I discovered this blog I wrote several years ago. Mom’s essence shines on. I dedicate a repeat of this blog to darling unforgettable her. I hope it engenders smiles for you, too.



I hate goodbyes. I am not saying one to you today. You know I love photography, and I will be on FB enjoying your conversations and posting photos as always.

I wish for you to continue discovering and developing your strengths, talents and other gifts. Toss them up into the universe like confetti. Be joyful and filled with awe as you see how others delight in knowing and loving delightful you.

My parting gift quote to you is from the gratitude guru himself, Robert Emmoins, Ph.D., author the book, thanks!:

“Gratitude is the way the heart remembers.”

And I will remember you.

Thanks for sharing my life.

Wishing you love, gratitude, and joy in living no matter what your age,




P.S. The mosaic planter is one of several that now adorn our main park in Puerto Vallarta. I worked on with a team to complete it in three days. It was great fun and and a ton of elbow grease. I will add some colorful plants to the middle of it soon. That little palm tree needs flower friends! We all do, don’t we?

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