Positive Psychology Coaching – An Introduction

india-podiumIf you have heard about the science of positive psychology, but the concepts are vague, this course will ignite your leaning and clarify your understanding of the life-enhancing principles that lead your way to flourishing and living your best life now.

This exciting, interactive class is designed with you in mind. To joyfully enable you to whip up well-being and immediately begin to apply meaningful positive psychology strategies in your own life. To help you reach your fullest potential and energetically accomplish your personal and professional goals.

If you are a coach, counselor, therapist, manager, leader, parent, or life adventurer…

This course is your starting point for discovering your personal power. Your inspiration will open the doors to positivity for everyone you touch.

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After 10+ years, I am still in awe of her intuition and perception. If that were the limit of her skill set, it would be enough. Yet, Judy adds more…. She blends keen insights with an ability to convert them into tools that bring clarity, unlock hidden potential, and nurture from dormancy into action the possibilities within.

As an fan of her contributions to both mental health and coaching, I am humbled by the dynamic force which is Judy. Always one to advance, I doubt that Judy has ever taken the time to step back to gaze upon the monument she has built, brick by brick, relationship by relationship, life by life. Instead, her focus remains fixed upon the lives before her, and the guidance she can offer on the path to fulfillment.

Phillip R. Maples, Esq.

To have Judy as a coach is like having the best ally, supporter, and cheerleader imaginable. Her caring, authentic, and zestful approach has helped me better understand myself and has helped me achieve my goals beyond what I thought possible. She has a keen sense of what’s going on “beneath the surface”, and I always feel her deep commitment to bringing out the best in me. I feel so grateful for all her help.

Attorney and Personal and Professional Coach
Philadelphia, PA

If I were going to start a coaching firm, Judy would be the first person I’d ask to join me as an associate. When you want someone who will do it with zest, compassion, talent, creativity, ask Judy. When you want someone to do it right the first time, ask Judy. When you want someone that you can count on to be there for you, to challenge you, to inspire you to be your best self, even when you are not yet sure who that is, ask Judy. If you could only have a couple of coaches or mentors in your journey, there is no one I would recommend more highly than Judy. It’s been an absolute joy and privilege to work with one of the best!

Dr. Gayle Scroggs, CMC, ACC
Certified International Coach and Translator
San Nicolas, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I felt like I won the life lottery when I got Dr. Judy as my coach! Before coaching, I felt stuck. I was worrying about so many things ~ money, weight gain, unassertiveness, family issues, and in general, uncertainty about how I wanted to live my life. Dr. Judy with her motivating and inspiring positive psychology coaching, helped me open the Pandora’s Box that is me! I uncovered personality strengths I never knew I had, especially courage and confidence. She handed me a Super Woman cape, and away I flew! I was free of my past. I learned that worry changes nothing. I was able conquer decisiveness. I made plans and was accountable to myself, a new concept for me! I happily moved forward. For the first time, I spoke up for myself. I mapped out my life and looked at each area. I got a different job, lost weight, and learned how to live a good life with my family. I banished guilt and fear and replaced it with, “I can do this!”. Dr. Judy is an incredibly cool and fun to be with coach. She rattled my cage, and I escaped to a life of my dreams!

Teresa Zehren

It is truly my pleasure to recommend Judy as a coach, and as a coach’s coach! I met “Dr. Judy” virtually in a Positive Psychology conference call series a few years ago, and was immediately attracted to her warmth, wit and wisdom. I began following her on LinkedIn (we are both members of several coaching and positive psychology groups), and really appreciate the knowledge and insight she shares in group discussions. As a coach myself, I have successfully used Judy’s ideas with my own clients. Early this year, I found myself struggling with some personal / family situations, and decided I wanted some “one-one-one Dr. Judy coaching” to help me handle the challenges.

Judy was wonderful. She intuitively and masterfully helped me to overcome my biggest obstacle (myself) and to recognize my strengths. Judy epitomizes what great coaching is all about. Thanks to Judy, I have some new, FUN and energetic ideas for using my strengths to be my best self – both personally and professionally.

Business and Life Coach