Author: Dr. Judy

Is Your Well-Being Fully Charged?

Have you ever paused to wonder about your well-being? I’m not talking about happiness. I mean your overall sense of being satisfied with how you live your life. Do you ask yourself, “What brings me MEANING?” I hope so! This question is often more appropriate than asking yourself, “How am I FEELING?”. Feelings are so blamed fleeting, like a firefly’s… Read more →

What’s Parked in Your Positivity Garage?

Did you ever get a delightful surprise that absolutely blew up your happiness balloon? I was thrilled when one of the editors of positive psychology’s esteemed, Positive Psychology News Daily (PPND) editors, Kathryn Britton, asked if I would contribute an article. Just getting asked was a gift. You know me. I needed to write something with a touch of fun… Read more →

Hope, Optimism and Resilience Renewal for Nepal

EARTHQUAKE!!! Have you ever experienced an earthquake’s heartless devastation? Or perhaps an horrific natural disaster or man-generated trauma? Imagine the world as you knew it literally crashed down upon you. You desperately try to locate your family and save your beloved cow and goats. Not pets, but your life-sustaining source of milk. Can you even visualize losing everything you owned… Read more →

Random Acts of Remembrance ~ Heavenly Fields of Daisies for Bonnie Satterfield Baker

The dreaded phone call came. I was sitting at my computer working, but taking pause to savor my stunning yellow, orange and red hibiscus, blooming in all its Puerto Vallarta glory. But peaceful calm was soon shattered. My best friend since childhood, Cheryl Satterfield Nash, called. Her beloved sister, Bonnie Satterfield Baker, had passed away. Gritted teeth, tearful gulps of… Read more →

Breaking News – Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology CAPP Program

Did you ever think about adding to the quality of your life? Want to learn all about positive psychology from renowned MAPP University of PA grads? Now you can! My dear talented, kind and loving friend, Louis Alloro, along with his stellar and upbeat business partner, Emiliya Zhivotovskaya, have created a remarkable, outstanding well-being and flourishing educational treat, with your… Read more →

7 Positive Relationship Tips to Make Love Last

Podcast with Robyn Stratton-Berkessel: Rev Up Your Relationship Resilience: 7 Positive Psychology Tips to Make Love Last Does your relationship need some positivity pizzazz? Or maybe you know someone whose relationship needs to ignite new heart-sparks. Here’s your opportunity to pay forward 140 cool partner positivity applications and 70 partnership photos I designed with couples’ smiles in mind. Whimsical partnership… Read more →

7 Positivity Travel Tips from My India Positive Psychology Conference

Do you have a bevy of positive expectations before you travel, especially if your trip is exotic or highly anticipated? Psychology researcher Roy Baumeister (I’m really enjoying a MentorCoach course I am presently taking from the famed book author of, “Willpower“) reminded us humans are not very good at guessing how much pleasure a new experience might bring. We tend… Read more →