Author: Dr. Judy

What’s LOVE Got to Do with It? Positive Psychology Poetry

Are you a “lover”? Stop and think about it a minute. What popped up into your head? Sex, romance, savoring life, you loving, your being loved, or perhaps Valentine’s Day approaching. Noted positive psychology scientist and author, Barbara Fredrickson’s new book, LOVE 2.0, sheds scientific light on the new definition of LOVE. She defines it as micro-moments of shared connection… Read more →

Happy 95th Birthday in Heaven, Mom!

My darling Mom, Louise Burgess, would have been 95 today. I snapped this photo last year just before her party. Is that a happy woman? You bet! In less than 3 weeks after her whirlwind birthday, she would be gone. If Mom were still blessing the planet with her quiet, humble charm, I would be in Delaware. I would have… Read more →

Look for the Good! Costumed Church Community’s Positive Psychology

BAM!!! That’s what my head felt like when the phone rang at 2:25 a.m. this Sunday morning. Can you believe this? Have you had it happen? A blankety-blank PSA! The dreaded Public Service Announcement. Yeah, right. Before I unceremoniously clicked it off, my not welcoming ears assimilated, “You have been placed on the no-call list…” No kidding, that’s exactly what… Read more →

Spring Into Mindfulness!

Springtime, Passover, Easter. Are they a time for remembrance, renewal, and hope? Do you ramp up your optimism strength and focus on renewal? I think of GRACE. Of family times and ham and scalloped potatoes. But I need to let go of a memory. When I was 5, the Eater Bunny left me a darling live dyed hot pink chick.… Read more →

Four Mantras Every Woman Needs to Know

Huh?…What?… A magazine article about Christmas coping on St. Patrick’s Day? Well, at least the green part is right! But it is also an article about how to minimize your “seeing red” when life deals you a losing hand of overwhelm. This article initially got my CURIOSITY strength hoppin’. Then I remembered many months ago, I had an interview re:… Read more →

What’s Your Positivity Story? Take the Quiz. Write It Here!

Fed up with New Year’s resolutions? Feeling overwhelmed with “should’s, have to’s and must’s?” Remember what the famous, sometimes infamous psychologist, Dr. Albert Ellis said… “Quit ‘musterbating!’” No “must do’s” here! How about a fun quiz instead? Powerful, fun, and personal questions to guide your 2013 journey. Let yourself go. Frolic in fun. Smile while you are thinking. Maybe a… Read more →

Eliminate Pain, Retrain Your Brain!

  I know that when you suffer from chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression, or  any number of chronic syndromes, you will try to almost anything to alleviate the pain. I had to share this amazing new information with you that naturally heals chronic conditions through new techniques that allow you to train your brain to be LESS reactive to stress and… Read more →

Fun Quiz: Am I Ready for Coaching?

Have you ever thought about getting a coach? How do you know if now is the right time? Take this fun quiz. No wrong answers. Goody! Be bald-faced honest with yourself. This is not the time to be humble. It’s time to own up to your own awesome authenticity. Every answer is a lovely leap towards becoming your Best Self:  1.  When do you… Read more →

Happy 93rd Birthday, Mom!

Are you one of the friendly folks who have followed my blogs about my Mom, Louise? Do I have a treat for you! Many of you have emailed me relating your favorite blogs are the ones I write about Mom. Today, September 10th, 2011 is Mom’s 93rd birthday. Here’s a sweet salute to authentic, awesome Mom. All of you who send love to her from all… Read more →