Positive Psychology Interventions ~ Your Fun, Life-Altering Positivity Strategies

Do you like to celebrate positive experiences, dates, and events? Are you a romantic like me, or do these occasions feel like just another day? Or perhaps you take more pleasure in future visioning? I think of remembering any positive event in my life as “positive emotion-memory-worthy.” You don’t need to or have to, but it’s fun. This suggestion is… Read more →

Self-Love ~ Can You Say Unequivocally, I Love Myself?

“Love Y​ours​elf ​~ ​Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It.” ​ ​ ​A couple month ago, ​I stumbled upon this ​petite ​59​-​page wonder book by Kamal Ravikant.​ ​It’s not a new book, but oh​,​ what joy it etched into my heart and soul.​ I mentioned it briefly in my blog ​on humility ​last month, and I felt the need… Read more →

15 Powerful Questions to Uncover and Ignite Your Strengths

Have you unearthed your character strengths? If so, do you remember what they are? D​o​ you recall they ​​are ​your cornerstone foundations to live “The ​G​ood ​L​ife”? ​T​he values that energize you to live your authentic​​ best self life​. ​Your well-being life vest, too, when the negativity waves come crashing down upon you. Imagine your life vest has all your… Read more →

Life’s Meaningful Meandering: 15 Positive Psychology Quotes

Do you love summer? Do you f​eel​ happier the way I do? Getting out into nature or perhaps ​looking forward to ​a​ long awaited v​acation ​on your horizon? Like a carrot in front of you, it makes you smile in anticipation​.​ ​It ​helps ​keep you focused ​on your work/play journey​ goals. ​ With no vacation planned this year, unless someone… Read more →

10 Tips to Make Springtime Blossom with Positive Emotions

For many folks, April means springtime. ​​A time for new beginnings.​ ​Flowers​ budding.​ ​W​arm sunny breezes cares​sing​ ​your welcoming face. ​Sweet ​honeysuckle and lilac fragrances seeping into ​y​our soul. Is that how you ​joyfully ​see, feel, or notice spring? Sitting here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where spring and summer happily blend into a never-ending array of floral fancies, I fondly… Read more →

Rock Your Relationship Resilience

Spark the Power of Positive Psychology Coaching How’s your relationship? Humming along or need a little tune up? Never fear, positive psychology coaching strategies are here! Science is confirming what we have known for decades. We are social creatures who need positive relationships for well-being. In fact, studies are revealing your relationships might be THE MOST IMPORTANT factor contributing to… Read more →

Self-Compassion and Kindness: How to Gift it to Yourself and Humanity

When you think of the words “self-compassion” and, “kindness”, what definitions pop up into your head? I challenge you to really sit into that question. Maybe it sounds easy at first. But dig deep. Self-compassion and kindness are awe-inspiring concepts. They are paired together like a spinning kaleidoscope creating colorfully nuanced prisms of positivity. Did you think of LOVE? Or… Read more →

Unleash Your Gratitude Guru – 12 Positive Psychology Coaching Tips

Gratitude When you pause and think about “gratitude”,what courses through your heart, body and spirit? Before you begin your journey reading with me today (and I am grateful you are here!), may I challenge you to hit your pause button? Mindfully allow yourself to wander into glorious awareness. Breathe in ease. Let go of all that does not serve you.… Read more →