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Self-Compassion and Kindness: How to Gift it to Yourself and Humanity

When you think of the words “self-compassion” and, “kindness”, what definitions pop up into your head? I challenge you to really sit into that question. Maybe it sounds easy at first. But dig deep. Self-compassion and kindness are awe-inspiring concepts. They are paired together like a spinning kaleidoscope creating colorfully nuanced prisms of positivity. Did you think of LOVE? Or… Read more →

7 Virtues of a Good Man

It’s finally summer and time to practice what I preach. I am enjoying our very short warm season here in Wisconsin, taking some time away from writing to savor all life’s flavors. I am re-positing one of my most popular blogs. It shares my friend’s gut-wrenching challenges. How he survived and conquered years of torturous trials. He would tell you… Read more →

Spring Into Mindfulness!

Springtime, Passover, Easter. Are they a time for remembrance, renewal, and hope? Do you ramp up your optimism strength and focus on renewal? I think of GRACE. Of family times and ham and scalloped potatoes. But I need to let go of a memory. When I was 5, the Eater Bunny left me a darling live dyed hot pink chick.… Read more →

Fun Quiz: Am I Ready for Coaching?

Have you ever thought about getting a coach? How do you know if now is the right time? Take this fun quiz. No wrong answers. Goody! Be bald-faced honest with yourself. This is not the time to be humble. It’s time to own up to your own awesome authenticity. Every answer is a lovely leap towards becoming your Best Self:  1.  When do you… Read more →