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Unleash Your Gratitude Guru – 12 Positive Psychology Coaching Tips

What inflates your balloon of gratitude? Thanksgiving is one of my most special days. I wax philosophical every year thinking back on past great celebrations. Remembering Mom…Well that is like extra rich cream cheese frosting on top of my favorite carrot cake. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. I also hope all my Canadian friends had a great Thanksgiving… Read more →

Happy 95th Birthday in Heaven, Mom!

My darling Mom, Louise Burgess, would have been 95 today. I snapped this photo last year just before her party. Is that a happy woman? You bet! In less than 3 weeks after her whirlwind birthday, she would be gone. If Mom were still blessing the planet with her quiet, humble charm, I would be in Delaware. I would have… Read more →