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Hope, Optimism and Resilience Renewal for Nepal

EARTHQUAKE!!! Have you ever experienced an earthquake’s heartless devastation? Or perhaps an horrific natural disaster or man-generated trauma? Imagine the world as you knew it literally crashed down upon you. You desperately try to locate your family and save your beloved cow and goats. Not pets, but your life-sustaining source of milk. Can you even visualize losing everything you owned… Read more →

Look for the Good! Costumed Church Community’s Positive Psychology

BAM!!! That’s what my head felt like when the phone rang at 2:25 a.m. this Sunday morning. Can you believe this? Have you had it happen? A blankety-blank PSA! The dreaded Public Service Announcement. Yeah, right. Before I unceremoniously clicked it off, my not welcoming ears assimilated, “You have been placed on the no-call list…” No kidding, that’s exactly what… Read more →

Eliminate Pain, Retrain Your Brain!

  I know that when you suffer from chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression, or  any number of chronic syndromes, you will try to almost anything to alleviate the pain. I had to share this amazing new information with you that naturally heals chronic conditions through new techniques that allow you to train your brain to be LESS reactive to stress and… Read more →