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Rock Your Relationship Resilience

Spark the Power of Positive Psychology Coaching How’s your relationship? Humming along or need a little tune up? Never fear, positive psychology coaching strategies are here! Science is confirming what we have known for decades. We are social creatures who need positive relationships for well-being. In fact, studies are revealing your relationships might be THE MOST IMPORTANT factor contributing to… Read more →

7 Positive Relationship Tips to Make Love Last

Podcast with Robyn Stratton-Berkessel: Rev Up Your Relationship Resilience: 7 Positive Psychology Tips to Make Love Last Does your relationship need some positivity pizzazz? Or maybe you know someone whose relationship needs to ignite new heart-sparks. Here’s your opportunity to pay forward 140 cool partner positivity applications and 70 partnership photos I designed with couples’ smiles in mind. Whimsical partnership… Read more →

7 Positivity Travel Tips from My India Positive Psychology Conference

Do you have a bevy of positive expectations before you travel, especially if your trip is exotic or highly anticipated? Psychology researcher Roy Baumeister (I’m really enjoying a MentorCoach course I am presently taking from the famed book author of, “Willpower“) reminded us humans are not very good at guessing how much pleasure a new experience might bring. We tend… Read more →

What’s LOVE Got to Do with It? Positive Psychology Poetry

Are you a “lover”? Stop and think about it a minute. What popped up into your head? Sex, romance, savoring life, you loving, your being loved, or perhaps Valentine’s Day approaching. Noted positive psychology scientist and author, Barbara Fredrickson’s new book, LOVE 2.0, sheds scientific light on the new definition of LOVE. She defines it as micro-moments of shared connection… Read more →