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Sweet Savoring – 10 Tips How To Create This Well-Being Habit

When you hear the word, “savoring”, what pops into your mind? Food? Happiness? An adventure? Perhaps you are like many of the folks I coach. You have not given savoring much thought. If so, you are missing out on your best self life experiences. Time to turn on more enjoyment, happiness and appreciation. Savoring is one of my all-time favorite awe-inspiring… Read more →

Random Acts of Remembrance ~ Heavenly Fields of Daisies for Bonnie Satterfield Baker

The dreaded phone call came. I was sitting at my computer working, but taking pause to savor my stunning yellow, orange and red hibiscus, blooming in all its Puerto Vallarta glory. But peaceful calm was soon shattered. My best friend since childhood, Cheryl Satterfield Nash, called. Her beloved sister, Bonnie Satterfield Baker, had passed away. Gritted teeth, tearful gulps of… Read more →