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Positive Psychology Interventions ~ Your Fun, Life-Altering Positivity Strategies

Do you like to celebrate positive experiences, dates, and events? Are you a romantic like me, or do these occasions feel like just another day? Or perhaps you take more pleasure in future visioning? I think of remembering any positive event in my life as “positive emotion-memory-worthy.” You don’t need to or have to, but it’s fun. This suggestion is… Read more →

Four Mantras Every Woman Needs to Know

Huh?…What?… A magazine article about Christmas coping on St. Patrick’s Day? Well, at least the green part is right! But it is also an article about how to minimize your “seeing red” when life deals you a losing hand of overwhelm. This article initially got my CURIOSITY strength hoppin’. Then I remembered many months ago, I had an interview re:… Read more →

Happy 93rd Birthday, Mom!

Are you one of the friendly folks who have followed my blogs about my Mom, Louise? Do I have a treat for you! Many of you have emailed me relating your favorite blogs are the ones I write about Mom. Today, September 10th, 2011 is Mom’s 93rd birthday. Here’s a sweet salute to authentic, awesome Mom. All of you who send love to her from all… Read more →

Should You Use Top or Bottom Strengths?

Hot diggety dog! Exciting new research on using your signature strengths. Did you remember, your top 5 VIA strengths are often the personal values you use most often in the course of your day? Here’s the new deal. Using your bottom least used strengths may also increase your subjective feelings of well being. Like exercising your body, exercising your strengths helps you feel better in… Read more →