Photo Adventures in Cuba

Unlock Your Power of Positivity

by Judy Krings, Ph.D., PCC, CMC

Ignite the Most Curious Positive Psychology Coaching Adventure You’ll Ever Take!

Ready to banish boredom and make a radical shift in how you travel? To bang bongos, ride a water buffalo, and creep into a cavernous cave? Don’t worry, the 6′ snake was dead!

“Whether you’re a coach, client, or travel adventurer, you will love this book, Photo Adventures in Cuba ~ Unlock Your Power of Positivity

I wrote this book as a tribute to my mother who inspired me to travel to Cuba. Now you who love adventure can savor it, too. And you who seek joy and confidence can discover your strengths. And you coaches and consultants can soak up the latest strengths spotting strategies.

If you’re curious about Cuba, want to ignite your positivity, and your radar screen is blipping a desire to ramp up more happiness, you will love my newest book, Photo Adventures in Cuba ~ Unlock Your Power of Positivity. It will rocket you to galaxies of glee!

“I have always wanted to visit Cuba, and Judy’s vibrant book transported me there, mind, heart and soul. This is a “must read” for anyone who wants to embark upon a delightful journey into the possible!”

Viki Winterton, Publisher, Insights and PUBLISHED! magazines

“Photo Adventures of Cuba ~ Unlock Your Power of Positivity is overflowing with gorgeous photos and spirited text that will activate and energize your ‘upward spiral,’ feed your soul, and bring a smile to your face!”

Janice Taylor, Life & Wellness Coach, Hypnotherapist, Author of Our Lady of Weight Loss

If you are a Joy Seeker…

Are you in overwhelm? Does your day flow like you want? Do you want more jump out bed energy?

After you finish Photo Adventures in Cuba ~ Unlock Your Power of Positivity you will…

  • Discover Hemingway’s Havana and why he used his savvy strengths.
  • Delight in 136 picturesque “travel back to classic car time” photos, each depicting a strength.
  • Savor 24 uniquely inspiring “how to engage your strengths” human interest stories.
  • Infuse more meaning into your life with soul-searching questions at the end of each chapter.
  • Imagine yourself smiling in the photos sporting a whole new strengths wardrobe.
  • Feel transformed with gratitude by Cuba’s thriving spirit.
  • Claim confidence and bolster your immunity, as happy days add healthy years to your life. Wow!

And yippee, positivity is a learned skill. Strengths make your life sizzle. A gift you give yourself. This book is like savoring your strengths in a five-star spa!

Praise from readers:

“Judy Krings brings the Strengths and Virtues of Positive Psychology to life!”

Martin Seligman, Ph.D.
Fox Leadership Professor of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, and Director, Positive Psychology Center, author, “Flourish”

“Photo Adventures in Cuba ~ Unlock Your Power of Positivity ” was the creative, life-altering answer to my career dilemma. Now I KNOW I want to be a coach. Judy’s tantalizing tales tripped my “loading up my character strengths” trigger. What a bang for the buck! This unique and stunning book is a “Wow!” of wisdom. I’m paying Judy’s delightful dynamism forward. Shhh…Don’t tell all my friends what they’re getting for Christmas!

Shelby Nash
Mercedes Sales Rep

If you are a Professional Coach…

Do you worry your coaching skills are stagnant? Are you concerned you’re not empowering your client enough? Do you think your strength spotting and proficiency skills need a tune up? After you read this book, you will…

  • Infuse value into your coaching repertoire through real-life vignettes.
  • “Broaden and build” happiness powering up Fredrickson’s positivity skills.
  • De-stress and hold onto happiness via Sonja Lyubomirsky’s “positive reminiscence”.
  • Feel joy in getting to know your clients’ diversity.
  • Magnify your coaching skills confidence.
  • Engage Marty Seligman’s PERMA: Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment.
  • Recharge your coaching business as you fortify clients’ creative problem-solving.

Give your clients a gift they will treasure forever. Easy, doable, fun “travel with your strengths” tips. You’ll feel great and they’ll appreciate. A well-being win-win whammy!

Praise from readers:

“Photo Adventures in Cuba ~ Unlock Your Power of Positivity ” is a stunning photographic essay that will surprise, delight, and move you to explore a fascinating culture. You’ll embark on an inner journey of promise and positivity. Judy has a knack for knocking your socks off – and then getting you to delight in squiggling your toes in the sand. You’ll discover the best of Cuba and the best of you in this joyful read!”

Gayle Scroggs, Ph.D., C.M.C.
International Coach, Author and Editor

“Photo Adventures in Cuba ~ Unlock Your Power of Positivity” is a book you will want to devour in one sitting, but I recommend you sip and savour. It will elevate your spirit, awaken your senses, touch your soul and even tickle your funny bone. You will feel like you are on this beautiful adventure with Judy. I “oohed and ahhed” all the way through it. Especially touching is how Judy dedicated this book to her precious mother. Filled with pearls of wisdom, this aesthetic masterpiece is a book you will go back to a hundred times. Buy this for everyone you love!

Chrissy Carew
Founder and Head Coach, Insightful Player, LLC.

If you are a Travel Adventurer…

Whether you’re gallivanting around the globe or meandering close to home, this book’s unique expedition will transport you to a peaceful paradise. Climb into the back seat of a classic American car taxi and cruise to greater awareness. Realize how fortunate you are.

After you you read this book, you’ll…

  • See classic beauty in architecture that transports you around the world.
  • Treat yourself to raucous rhythms at Havana’s renowned “Parisien Caberet” show.
  • Feel Cuba’s culture come alive in bustling craft markets.
  • Savor heart-felt photos of weddings, celebrations, and funeral pageantry.
  • Know you are blessed with freedom and opportunities for limitless success.
  • Join in the fun! Whip up wondrous well-being flourish even when travel snafus test your courage.

More reader praise:

“Dr. Judy Krings has created a uniquely delightful book with captivating photos that may ignite a new form of literature: Positive Psychology Travel guides. This brilliant book transforms travel into a thoughtful and positive appreciation that will forever alter the way you see the world!”

Caroline Miller, MAPP
Professional Coach, author, “Creating Your Best Life”

“This book ROCKS! Prepare yourself. It will change your life. Through a visually stimulating journey, Judy shows you the true richness of Cuba. But this remarkable book is really about you. All the gifts inside of you. Here’s the deal: If you are open to explore how awesome you truly are, get this book NOW!”

Tomas Bay
Founder and Coach, Beat The Monster

One more tidbit. Please don’t think this is a typical coaching tool kit. I bet you have enough already.

Maybe you don’t think you need a mental vacation lifting Cuba’s secret veil. Never mind savoring how these incredibly resilient folks maintain their optimism. But even if Cuba doesn’t float your boat the way it did mine, doesn’t your curiosity strength deserve a positivity peek?

If the travel photos and stories don’t delght you, this product comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Read this book cover to cover, and if the strategies and photos don’t delight you within 60 days, we’ll cheerfully refund your money, and you can keep the product too!”

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“If you know her, you hear her voice and her laughter come through in her newest book, ‘Photo Adventures in Cuba, Unlock Your Power of Positivity”. Follow her through a heartfelt journey into Cuba as she demonstrates the power of positivity. Watch how you connect your own values/strengths by walking the streets along side this most humorous vibrant woman. Her powerful positivity questions at the end of each chapter beg one to go inside and reflect. From a time gone by to our time in the here and now, using our strengths to the fullest is something we should all carry with us. Bravo, Judy!”

Sallie Felton, PCC, Life Coach, International Radio Talk Host, Co-Author of GPS for Success, Stepping Stones for Success, Clutter Free and Clear; Author of Start Where You Stand, Finding Your True North in Life/Work Balance and upcoming 2011, If I Am So Smart, Why Can’t I Get Rid of Clutter

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Like Helen Keller said,
“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

I want to share my daring adventure with you because deep down I know you really want and deserve it.

Your travel partner,

Judy Krings

P.S. If you only buy one coaching positivity book this year, tromp through Cuba’s tantilizing terrain with me!