Positivity Coaching ~ Experience It!

What can Positive Psychology Coach Dr. Judy Krings do for me?

You tell me what you want. I help you get it.

Imagine your personal and professional life custom-designed so you can shine! Your plans and goals realigned.

Want to bounce back from life’s set-back’s, ditch your daily grind, de-stress your mess and struggle far less?

Positivity Coaching weaves together the rich findings in positive psychology with practical, easy-to-use strategies you can begin to implement right now. Living your BEST SELF LIFE awaits…greater optimism, confidence, resilience, happiness, meaning and fulfillment.

What is Positive Psychology?


You’ve probably heard of the term “Positive Psychology” on TV, radio, magazines and books. But what does it really mean? And why is the surprising new data life-altering for you?

Positive Psychology is a science of positive aspects of human life such as happiness, well-being, and flourishing. It is best summarized in the words of its founder, Dr. Martin Seligman, as “The scientific study of optimal human functioning (that) aims to discover and promote the factors that allow individuals and communities to thrive.”

As a Positive Psychology coach, I partner with you to add pizzazz to your life. And I’m not talking about the run of the mill, “Think positive” stuff. I’m talking about scientist Dr. Martin Seligman’s PERMA (and humbly, I suggested this acronym to him!).

How you can blissfully learn to super-glue to your psyche these FLOURISHING building blocks:

  • Positive Emotions (and also how to cope with and appreciate the service of negative emotions, too)
  • Engagement
  • Relationships
  • Meaning
  • Accomplishment

If you want to add more frosting to your PERMA cake, add VITALITY. Science is filled with terrific research on mind/body connection. You CAN re-train your brain!

Are you ready to make a positive investment in yourself?

Is it on your radar to become more proficient in creating more positive emotions and handling negative emotions? To increase your grit (passion and persistence) and resilience?

Do you want to learn how to maximize your potential? To identify your strengths and create success scenarios? And how to apply your strengths in varied contexts, at work and play, in nuanced ways?

Is now your time to accumulate more accomplishments in your personal and professional life? To zoom to zest when you’re put to the test?

Are You Suffering From Serious-itis, Suffer-itis, or Stuck-itis?

Too many demands? Maybe a crises on your soul? Have you salvaged others but not your precious self?

Is Overwhelm your middle name? Are your relationships stuck in the muck?

Positivity Coaching to your rescue.

I’ll help you overcome overwhelm, re-frame, and design your flourishing BEST SELF LIFE.

Now is your opportunity to:

  • Banish the blues, bust bad habits and blast off to better habits.
  • Fuel up your success rocket with more confidence, meaning and motivation.
  • Unearth your unique strengths-studded success solutions to make your life happier.

Learn how to love your life. Lighten up. The sky’s your limit. You cannot fail.

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you will land among the stars. Les Brown

Need help?

Call me. I’d love to be your co-pilot.


Judy’s unique, creative, and fun coaching style made my positive psychology coaching come alive in the most fascinatingly relevant ways. Her charismatic energy empowered me to formulate, evolve and execute my plans. That forged the way for me to achieve my goals and realize success. I loved the cool clarification applications that led my way to well-being. I discovered my character strengths that empowered my newfound creative coaching abilities.

Judy’s vibrant Amazon best selling book, “Photo Adventures in Cuba ~ Unlock Your Power of Positivity” inspired me with 24 ways to use my strengths. It also zestfully helped me zoom into using my strength spotting to add vigor to my coaching repertoire.

Best of all, coaching with Judy was always upbeat and amazingly packed full of scientifically based new learning about mind sets, motivation, and mindfulness training. Awesome awareness! My best self sparkles thanks to our teamwork. Judy helped me add so much joy and forward motion to my life.

Want more from your business and personal life? Call Judy and be ready to rock your life as I did!

Kimberly Altman
Business & Executive Coach

Finding the right coach is like finding the perfect shoe. It’s all about the fit.

Why choose Dr. Judy?


Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. In my radio and TV days I was called “a uniquely human and passionately persuasive clinical psychologist”. Later, “a positive psychology coach with a playful punch.” My nickname was “Dr. Spunk”.

Coaching can be fun, you bet, but I am not a comedian. I take coaching very seriously, but I use humor often. As a coach, I am very approachable. I do whatever it takes to make sure you get what you want. I am honest and up front. I listen with an open heart and mind. I self-disclose and do whatever else it takes to let you know I understand and am with you.

Most importantly, I diligently keep up with the latest positive psychology research. This cutting-edge knowledge gifts you with the tools to thrive. You are offered a menu of coping competencies picked for you from Appreciative Inquiry, Acceptance and Commitment Techniques, Social and Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice strategies, and more.

Don’t let these fancy-named techniques throw you. They are fun and easy to use. It’s my job to help you enjoy using them to forge ahead. These coaching applications assist you in re-writing any narrative of your life story that no longer fits, or conversely, that you choose to expand. The result? You re-design and modify your personal life and/or corporate culture.

Conscientiously, as your positivity success coach, I commit to:

  • Helping you identify, appreciate, and utilize your strengths and talents.
  • Maximizing your awareness and creative problem-solving.
  • Harnessing constructive thinking to help you clarify your goals.
  • Partnering with you to develop a doable game plan.
  • Keeping you on track so you attain what you want.

During our inspirational sessions I will help you:

  • Power-up positivity to achieve your transformational goals.
  • Keep you focused and motivated with powerful questions.
  • Kindly challenge you if your feelings or beliefs are getting in your way.

I will also:

  • Help you listen to your gut and discover and forge ahead with new growth opportunities.
  • Encourage you and provide tips as you navigate through life when the water gets rough.
  • Celebrate your successes during your journey towards a happier, more fulfilling and meaningful life.

I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Dr. Judy Krings. What joy, excitement, energy, and enthusiasm she brings in! She is one of those BEINGS who thoroughly believe in giving, accepting others the way they are, and contributing to others lives. Highly professional in her approach, articulate in her communication and indeed a lovely human being.

What she does- She lives! She indeed inspires others to live their dreams, and hopes and become better! You can’t afford NOT to know her!

Gaurav Arora

How Long Will It Take?

This question reminds of that joke, “How many coaches does it take to screw in a light bulb?” Answer, “Only one, but the light bulb really has to want to change!”

You may be a speed demon and race through a coaching commitment. Or you may savor learning, love the process, and chose to enjoy a longer term coaching relationship.

Coaching sessions are often scheduled 2 to 4 times per month for 30-45 minutes, depending upon your personal or professional needs. Modifications are always an option.

What kinds of people enjoy working with me? Regardless of your profession, my clients often share similar characteristics.

Hope these shoes are a good fit!

  • You value good training, honor individual differences, and grow from fulfilling partnerships based on the truth.
  • You are verbal, expressive, and open to asking for what you need. If not, I will work with you to establish assertiveness.
  • You are straightforward and genuine.
  • You love to learn, brainstorm, and appreciate feedback. You want to dive into life with pluck and perseverance. Motivated towards excellence, you commit to accountability. You accept challenges. You are energized by new ideas and strategies.
  • You want to optimize optimism and nix negativity!
  • You know that forging mutually supportive and responsible relationships creates win-win scenarios and is a tremendous catalyst for growth.
  • While your agenda for change is seriously honored, you appreciate a good sense of humor and spunk.
  • You know that in life, you get what you give. You enjoy giving. You know that becoming your Best Self will empower you personally and professionally to give more to yourself and others.

Positive psychology coaching gifted me with peace. It has happily changed my life. I give myself space. I accept negative emotions and am fascinated by them. Then I let them go. Especially anxiety that used to curse me. I now look for the good. I cut myself slack. I no longer procrastinate. I no longer try to defend myself, but I do speak up. I love knowing the 10 positive emotions and how I can build upon them to create “positive resonance”.

I appreciate the articles Dr. Judy sent me to anchor my learning. I no longer feel guilty. I have self-compassion. I never knew what “GRIT” was, but now I am proud of having it! I have also learned to add gratitude to my life everyday. This has made a major upbeat impact in my relationships. My life is finally free. I tell my friends, “Don’t struggle with overwhelm and emotional meltdowns, call Dr. Judy! Claim your new life like I did.” Thanks to her, I am finally the me I always wanted to be.

With gratitude,
BJC from WI

Positivity Coaching Works!

Want more vitality in your life?

Choose Coaching Positivity to:

  • Gain fresh new perspectives on your personal/professional issues.
  • Delight in developing new decision-making strategies.
  • Add punch to your problem-solving.
  • Enhance your personal effectiveness.
  • Sharpen your social and emotional intelligence and other competencies.

My sincere intention is to motivate and inspire you to stretch the boundaries of who you really are. Your possibilities are endless!

I dedicate my efforts to augment your meaning and fulfillment via:

  • Commitment
    Positive, meaningful engagement committing to your agenda, your goals, and your vision for present and future happiness and success. Greater confidence evolves.
  • Partnership
    Creating a powerful, collaborative partnership characterized by respect, support, encouragement, creativity, and accountability for coaching challenges.
  • Professionalism
    Service with integrity, highest ethical standards, and honest feedback.
  • Empowerment
    Assessing and maximizing your personal values, strengths, and gifts. Tapping into your inner wisdom and authenticity. You will harness your inner expert. You will quiet your inner critic.
  • Positive Energy
    Coaching sessions occur in a genuinely caring, supportive atmosphere characterized by contagious creativity and zest.
  • Tools and Strategies
    Utilizing Positive Psychology and other cutting-edge coaching resources, skill-building is individually tailored to meet your needs.
  • Experience
    30+ years as a clinical psychologist, Amazon bestselling author, radio and TV talk show host, international seminar/workshop leader/speaker, relationship expert and International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach. Expertise: Positive Psychology Personal/Professional Coaching.

Ready to Fast-Forward Getting What You Want?

I enjoy working with people from all walks of life. if you don’t see your shoe here, give me a buzz. I aim to find a shoe that fits comfortably for you.

I invite you to schedule a complimentary coaching session with me. Your positivity awaits!

With enthusiastic service and a gratitude hug,



More Stories from Dr. Judy’s Successful Clients

I think about you, Judy, with heartfelt gratitude. “What you focus on grows” is now a theme for me. I didn’t understand the baby steps to practice that quote as a way of being. Now I do! Also, I start noticing positive emotions of amusement, intrigue, beauty, wonder, peacefulness, calm, interest. That is my focus instead of “HAPPY” …. ’cause happy isn’t all there is. THAT is huge! I practice this every day, and my kids are doing it, also. Now we are all releasing judgement – because our eyes pick up on that, being trained to differentiate as young as infants that this is blue, that is green, this is a cat, that is a dog. Life has many in between’s. I am forever thankful for your help. If I/we need you, we will certainly seek your coaching again. Thank you for helping my Mom, too. She trusts you, and every call has immediate impactful results. You coach the steps that others assume are there. Blessings forever. xoxo

L.W., Wisconsin

I have used the services of Judith B. Krings, PH.D., PPC, Coaching Positivity, LLC, Personal and Professional Coach, over a period of four months. I sought out Dr.Judy because I felt I needed help (coaching) with recognizing and accepting my own identity, as well as dealing with relationships.

Dr. Judy and I established a coaching plan together. These coaching sessions taught me the issues I viewed as personality flaws where actually my strengths. I also learned how to deal effectively with relationship situations. Dr. Judy is a true professional with a unique, caring style of coaching. I value my time spent with Dr. Judith B. Krings. Thank you.

MB, Wisconsin

Thank you for your spirit of positivity and possibility. Your combination of truth, powerful questions and unconditional warmth allowed me to learn more about where I sit now and who I want to be. My joy has increased! My awareness of my true gifts and talents came closer into view, and my biggest emotional burden now lies at the bottom of a quarry in my mind. Now that’s freedom!!

You get 5 stars out of 5!!

I highly recommend you to anyone who is seeking a coach, no matter where they are on the continuum of self-knowledge. You are a gifted guide and a treasured part of my life!

Rebecca M. Melton, MBA, SPHR
Doctoral Candidate, Business Psychology
Coach/Business Faculty

Thank God they made only one Dr. Judy Krings! She is as authentic as a coach can be who keenly focuses on her client’s goals and needs. Intuitively gifted, one could call her a metaphysical marvel with a gentle heart. It is no wonder she has such a huge following. If you are looking for a personal and professional coach who is also a clinical psychologist…don’t walk….run! SHE IS WORTH IT!”

Sallie Felton
Life Coach/Transition Specialist
International Talk Radio Host
Author, Facilitator, Columnist

Judy is an extraordinarily gifted coach with a remarkable sense of intuition, a profound sense of caring for clients, and an outstanding ability to put vision into action. And she’s so much fun to work with…a delightful, clever sense of humor, boundless energy, the ability to communicate with anyone in a meaningful way that leads to deep connections, and a sense of positivity that can lift anyone’s spirits and help them face all kinds of challenges. Judy is so bright, curious, talented and a consummate professional….. you can count on Judy to do a great job and bring a sense of excitement and joy to any situation that makes everyone feel good and succeed at what they do. It is a privilege and a great pleasure to have met such a wonderful woman who has so much to give to so many.

Marion H. Levine
Management Consultant

Feeling stuck? Want to move forward? Dr. Judy is your answer. A motivational powerhouse, she’s dedicated her life to helping people achieve healthier, happier lives. Whether you want to lose weight, change careers, or attract a new mate, Judy’s fearless grace illuminates the path to rewriting any old life chapters that no longer serve you — this is her mindful mission. A creative, fun lady, she can harness your strengths and bring your newly joyful stories to fruition. I’m proud to call her my friend.
Alyson Mead
Wake Up to Your Weight Loss

Judy is a premier coach in a class all her own. Enthusiastic and extraordinarily creative, she is dedicated to her clients well being and success. She personifies a fascinating juxtaposition of no-nonsense, let’s get the job done, with a kind heart and authenticity. Judy has an uncanny ability to harness humor and metaphors to uniquely motivate others to success. Ethical, plucky, and committed to excellence, Judy is a rare find in the coaching world. Personally and professionally, Judy has my highest recommendation.

Marlen Maheau, Ph.D.
President & CEO, Pioneer Development Resources, Inc.
Selfhelp Magazine.com, Editor in Chief

Thanks to Dr. Judy, “liberation” is my new mantra. I used to be afraid of being close to people, especially relationships. I was unassertive, always worrying, and a “never good enough” gal. Anger was my reaction to everything I couldn’t control. Dr. Judy helped me find inner strengths I never knew I had. No more weight of the world on me! I banished worry, panic and fear. For the first time, I enjoy life more than ever before. I forge ahead and learn. I breathe rather than react. I am empowered. Dr. Judy’s savvy positivity keys unlocked the doors to my potential. And I had fun all along the happiness highway. I am still creating the new me, and I am amazed.

Author / World Traveler

Dr. Judy ignited my heart, my gut, my soul. Without her guidance, I would never have been able to open up my mind to all the possibilities that are me. She never gave up on my, even when I did. Along with an unreal work ethic, Dr. Judy’s talent and love is off the charts. She oozes awesome authenticity. To me, her words are like spun gold. She gets it! And thanks to her belief in me, I get it. I have strengths. The new me says no more negativity. She helps me toe the line. Before coaching, I could not write. Now, with an uplifted spirit, I journal and feel better. I am not my weight. I am me, and I am proud of myself. I reward Dr. Judy with these words shouted out from my soaring spirit.
Business Owner, WI

I hired Dr. Judy Krings as my coach after hearing her promote coaching on her radio show. Our coaching relationship was authentically inspiring, caring, and rewarding. I always knew she valued me and took joy in my progress. Before coaching, I had tried many other avenues to motivate myself to get up off the couch and get moving and get healthy, but those things never worked. Judy’s coaching made me WANT to get off the couch…a milestone for me. She sparked me to light my own fire and get into action. She helped me open my eyes to find the tools within myself, my uniqueness and strengths. I learned to get out of my analyzing head and to get to the real me, the accomplishing one, that had been hidden away. Because of Judy, I had revelations. I learned to value myself and to let go of the past. Now I am happily “Doing Life”! I am mindfully determined to live my best life everyday, and I forge on with gratitude and energy. I love my evolution! Judy is an exceptional coach, and she comes with my highest recommendation.

Dr. Judy has the unique talent of intuitively helping you take the pingpong set of ideas that flit around in your head, and turn them into a plan of action. Although we have never met, she is astute in active listening and cues you in to intonation, word choice and meaning to assist you in discovering wonderful things about yourself. Dr. Judy helps you take credit for all that is positive about your situation, as well as sift away those items that hold you back, those that do not serve you in being your best. I now see the value of quiet contemplation as a way of recharging my batteries instead of trying to claim the title of “Queen Multi-tasker.” I will always value the time that she was my coach, and view it as a re-birthing in a way, to the rest of my life – which now I am confident in directing.

Lori S., RN
Manitowoc, WI

Until I began coaching with Judy, I arbitrarily glamorized my relationships and beat myself to the ground. The waters were choppy in my ocean of heartbreak. In coaching I made the choice to turn the reality of my past and present upside down. I had to get down and dirty to confront the fears of my future. No more drowning of the nostalgia of the past. No more “if only’s”. With coaching, each week I had an eye-opening victory.

I never realized that what I had written on the walls of my life was not carved in stone. I no longer hide behind my (excuse me) hard ass role. This coaching experience has been transformational. I used to swing away from life, from vine to vine, in a gnarled jungle. Now I walk on the jungle floor and enjoy the view, thanks to coaching light bulb moments lighting my way. I was a box of crayons. Coaching took me from a box of 8 to 64! I now embrace vulnerability and authenticity. Judy with her no-nonsense brilliance and unbelievable intuitive skills led my journey. Lending me her coaching machete, together we chopped down all my barriers. Coaching is the best gift I ever gave myself, but Judy is the best gift of all! Get a life and get Judy as your coach!

Shelby Nash, DE
Telecommunications, Customer Service Supervisor, Verizon

Judy is a uniquely talented coach and in a class all her own! She is incredibly intelligent, knowledgeable, and dedicated. Generous with her time and expertise, she was always accommodating. She had outstanding interventional skills, and her questions always hit the mark. I swear she could read my mind. She was just what I needed to face my reality and to get my head out of the sand. She opened my eyes so I could recognize the shapes and influences along the beach and to enjoy the view that is my life. She traveled down my bumpy life road along side me while I learned to quit obsessing about the past. I will always have a huge hug and smiles when I think of Judy, one of the nicest and most gifted people I have ever met.
Debby C. RN, CA

As an Olympic athlete finalist, I have had many coaches. Judy is the best! She is beautiful inside and out! Holistically, she has it all. She is an extraordinarily delightful person, generously giving with an open heart. She is an amazingly splendid treasure who brings all of her gifts to each coaching session. Her energy, insights, and competencies are a gift to the world. In the tangled web of life, her incredible instincts allowed me to hone in, focus, and deliver. Her encouragement and belief in me helped me soar, even during the times I thought I was grounded.

Judy is truly a blessing and an inspiration to my life. She is full of zest and energy and loves people with a passion. She is a successful, passionate person with a clear direction and purpose to help others find the best of their best. She is an innovative, talented individual who has changed many, many lives. What an honor it is to know Dr. Judy!

Donna Allen
CO President, Positive Purpose
International Seminar Leader

I will never be able to repay Judy for the inspiration she gave me during the most difficult time in my life. She taught me how to listen to my head as well as my heart. I had to make tough decisions, and Judy guided me through the dense, dark forest of my painfully emotional realities.

Hearing her voice and words of knowledge and encouragement renewed me. Her appreciative reality checks, straight truths dipped in inspirational language, helped me heal my mind and spirit. Thanks to Judy, I saw the light. Taking to her was the pivotal point in my life. I treasure the positive blueprint statements we created together reminding me that I am worthy.

I will forever be thankful to Judy, with all her gifted inner strengths. She kindly and generously came to me at just the right time. I will never be able to repay her for helping me focus and accomplish. Judy is an unbelievably exceptional person. She is one for the books in my heart.

Rhonda Hitchens, DE
Becker Morgan Group

I have truly been blessed by getting to know Judy. She is an awesome individual, and she is such an inspiration to work with. She is tuned into the world, and she has a fantastic ability to find the great things in people. Judy provides people with reinforcing and positive feedback like no one else I have ever met. She has a huge heart, and it shows. Judy embraces diversity, and she works to make the world a better place. She has amazing energy, and it effects people around her positively. She is committed to the people around her and the things she does. She has a very high level of integrity, and she walks the walk. I am very grateful to have Judy in my life, as a coaching colleague and a friend. Judy rocks!

Tomas Bay
Senior Consultant and Executive Coach
Business Partner, Ethos International, Hong Kong, China

Dr. Judy Krings is a highly skilled, dedicated and gifted coach. She is a gifted coach who is particularly skilled at helping people get a clear vision of what they want, clarify and stay focused on their goals and take doable action steps.

She is relentlessly encouraging to her clients in helping them move forward, while compassionately holding them accountable. Judy has a solid understanding of how people identify and deploy their strengths in her work with clients, and has consistently helped her clients achieve excellent results with her strength-based, action-oriented approach.

In addition to her professional demeanor, Judy has a genuine and warm personality; she is delightful to work with and establishes a warm and welcome rapport quickly and easily. She communicates well and works hard to insure that her intuition, knowledge and experience are all working to help her clients. I recommend her highly.

Carol Solomon, Ph.D., MCC
Master Certified Coach
Libertyville, IL

It was no coincidence Dr. Judy and I meeting. You would have thought we were friends from way back. When you hear Dr. Judy speak, you know who she is and what she represents. “People do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Dr. Judy truly cares! This world traveler carries with her charm, wit, humor, passion, and integrity. Never have a met someone who can take a complicated matter and creatively convey her point of view in such a way you understand so you can move your life forward. Dr. Judy’s commitment to make the world a better place is unmatched. That’s why I confidently recommend Dr. Judy’s services to unlock your hidden potential that is holding you back from enjoying your life to the fullest!

Dr. Brandon Lemuel
Chiropractor and Life Coach
Washington, DC

Judy makes people feel genuinely appreciated and that is a rare and special thing!

Mike Sanders
WCPT 820am Chicago

I met Dr. Judy Krings as a professional coaching colleague and came to know her as a friend. I have heard her coach people during group sessions, I have been coached by her, and I have been blessed by her supportive words as a fellow group member. Judy holds a key that unlocks the door to possibilities. She is a solutions factory, and the ideas she comes up with are tailored to a person’s unique personality. She listens and cares with a fierce intensity and encourages people with such a personal touch that it’s impossible to brush off what she says. It rings true in a way that shatters self-doubt and validates the soul. Do not hire this woman unless you’re ready for change. Your excuses will dissolve. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and she will inspire you to challenge yourself and grow like you never have before.

Steven Coxsey
Positive Psychology Coach and Trainer
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

One of my business clients hired Dr. Judy as my coach to work with me on very complicated Manager/Supervisory issues. I find our sessions both satisfying and rewarding. It gives me the opportunity to utilize skills that address present issues and also to extinguish potential issues before they have the opportunity to come to a head. Through coaching, I understand that not all conflicts have a happy ending for everyone, but they do result in necessary resolutions.

During Dr. Judy’s sessions, I have learned the importance of utilizing skills and techniques that truly bring out the best in others. I have discovered the importance of using Social Intelligence and Social Kindness. I am a firm believer that people are generally good, and want to do a good job. If I stress the positive and use Appreciative Inquiry, great things happen.

Dr. Judy also offered her coaching services to a class in Management and Organizational Behavior I teach at Silver Lake College in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. The class thoroughly appreciated the opportunity to learn about the Coaching profession. As an Adjunct Instructor, I know the class was appreciative and carried their learning experiences to their business projects. On their own, the students purchased a “Thank You” card, and the whole class signed it and sent it to Dr. Judy. The final week of class, I had two students give presentations on Coaching. What a truly rewarding experience!

When my business issues become hectic, Dr. Judy is always readily accessible to me. Dr. Judy is a truly committed, dedicated, and perceptive coach with an upbeat, wise, and witty personality. Our sessions are a great help and have enabled me to thrive and grow. I have, and will continue to refer Dr. Judy to my current and future clients.
Rick Balzan HR

Coaching with Judy has been a wonderfully unreal experience and such a blessing. She has a remarkable way of making me feel better about myself and giving me the feeling that I am accomplishing great things. There are no more handcuffs on me. I had self-imposed boundaries. I shouldn’t do this or be that way. I never appreciated myself. Now I have empowerment and peace. I look at my strengths and yell, “Look at me!” I spent years in therapy and never got what I did from coaching in a few months! My husband summarized it best, “You are transformed!” I love Judy’s spin on life…especially mine!” She is the best.”

A. S., DE
Sunoco Co.

Judy works as hard as it takes to help assure her clients get the coaching service they want and deserve and evolve into their best selves. She is down-to-earth, creative, insightful and authentic.

Jeff Kaplan, Ph.D., M.B.A., MCC
Owner at IGW, President at the Habit Change Company

Dr. Judy makes a difference every day by speaking the truth while building up people she comes in contact with to their full potential with wisdom, humor and guidance. I was honored to work with her on-air during my tenure as Program Director of WCUB and WLTU during her program “Solutions~Professional Advice for Everyday Life.” Dr. Judy, with her messages, took topics that were challenges and problems, and then re-focused them into possibilities to obtain goals for the future. Always upfront, while also ready to tackle controversial situations, Dr. Judy Krings is a role model for me.

Kyle Kristopher
Air Personality, Wilks Broadcasting
Topeka, KA

It’s terribly rare that I meet one (especially a doctor) who is as passionate, as loving, insightful and supportive, as Dr. Judy. As a coach, either personal or professional, she will take the greatest of care, as she guides you along your journey of discovery. She will find in you things that you have long forgotten existed, things that make you wonderfully unique to every other human being! Dr. Judy will give you hope. She will inspire you. She will give you unconditional love. And, she will help you tap into your personal power, the creative, ever-flowing power that can change your life forever! There is absolutely no one that I recommend as highly as Dr. Judy.

Phoenix Gilman, CPT, CSN
Researcher, International Author & Weight Loss Expert
Consumer Activist
Diet Failure…the Naked Truth

My admiration for Judy as a professional is only exceeded by my admiration for her as a person. I have conquered fears, and my sessions with Judy are incredibly rewarding and cathartic. I so look forward to talking to her. I thank God for her. No words could ever express my profound gratitude.

Dan Peters, WI Owner, Peters Construction

Dr.Judy Krings Is one of the most caring and loving persons I know. Her intelligence and compassion for the people she works with is outstanding. I have had the privilege and honor of meeting her many years ago in which she guided me through some very difficult situations. Her integrity and professionalism is of the highest caliber. Anyone looking to better their life definitely should have her as a life coach.

Doug Lesperance
Nuclear Maintenance Electrician, Dominion