Rev Up Your Relationship Resilience

7 Positive Psychology Tips to Make Love Last

by Judy Krings, Ph.D., PCC, CMC

This book is a gem! Dr. Judy Krings’ Rev Up Your Relationship Resilience applies positive psychology to relationships. It offers no-nonsense advice based on scientific research that can help your marriage thrive and even survive. Given that books on this topic are often serious and heavy, Dr. Krings’ book is a breath of fresh air — it is a joy to read because it conveys so much hope with major points that are wise yet clear to understand. The book is easy to navigate and is a visual treat because of its many stunning photos and pleasing layout. Dr. Krings writes like a good friend who really cares about your happiness and knows it’s possible. Reading this book is a truly special experience for anyone who wants to make love work.

Marion Levine, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
New York, NY

Do You Want to Experience the Most Positive Psychology Relationship-Skill-Building Adventure You’ll Ever Take?

Greetings, Relationship-Enhancing Seekers!

Thanks for your spirited camaraderie and interest in what makes relationships flourish and thrive, not just survive.

Now I Have Positive Psychology Coaching Breaking News to Share…

  • Is your relationship stuck in a rut?
  • Has your love lost its luster?
  • Are you bored, misunderstood, or feel unappreciated?

Or worse, has your communication totally caved in? You’re drowning in a sink hole and bemoaning, “Can this relationship be saved?”

Your time to revive your relationship is NOW!

“Wow!!! Thanks, I needed that!” were my first thoughts after reading Rev Up Your Relationship Resilience. For me, this positive psychology coaching relationship tips book is truly a “tell-me-how-to-succeed-in-the-dating-world” gift. I am a professional woman of a certain age, who after years of dating procrastination, has recently re-entered the dating scene. This masterfully written and aesthetically pleasing book has given me hope and confidence. I have new skills I need to get out there and date.

I am going to share this book with other lady friends who need a dose of energetic encouragement, too. This book is fun, great read and highly recommended.

New Orleans, LA
Emergency Medicine Professional

This delightfully unique relationship ebook helps you heap on heart-sparks of happiness.

After you finish reading my new ebook, Rev Up Your Relationship Resilience ~ 7 Positive Psychology Tips to Make Love Last, you will…

  • Embrace novel communication concepts and set the stage for flourishing fun couple capers.
  • Custom-create and joyfully activate new healthy, kind, and mindful communication love habits.
  • Fire-up and refurbish your relationship with easy, cool and doable applications that actually work.

Vibrantly packed with 70 stunning photos and 140 positive psychology coaching success strategies, this book infuses your relationship with vitality!

No matter what the state of your relationship, or that of your family and friends, positive psychology’s cutting-edge research will revamp and rock your relationship world.

ryan_neimeicIn her patented style integrating practical wisdom, scientific findings, and enlivening photos, Dr. Judy Krings has produced a gem to help you thrive in your relationships. Start with one section and apply some of the exercises to one of your relationships and you will see immediate benefits first-hand. Read and discuss the activities with your relationship partner and you’ll be co-creating a solid, sustaining foundation of strength, love, and commitment.

Ryan M. Niemiec, Psy.D.
Author of Mindfulness and Character Strengths: A Practical Guide to Flourishing, and education director of the VIA Institute on Character

Rev Up Your Relationship Resilience – 7 Positive Psychology Tips to Make Love Last is such a gift. Thank you, Judy Krings, for this beautiful book. The content and design make me levitate with joy and feel grounded at the same time! The 7 tips warm my soul. You remind me of my gratitude for being in a loving relationship and prompt me to experience the desire to keep it fresh, and joyful, and meaningful, and real, whatever happens. I valued every page.

The one tip that jumped out to me was to pay a little more attention to VISION. Even in a good relationship, over time, we can easily get caught up in our own worlds. You reminded me how important it is to be aware of our individual vision AND our together vision. That was a page stopper.

I also so valued the references to other great positive psychology coaching contributors who I deeply respect.

Judy, I also would like to thank you for sharing your wisdom and your tips on my podcast It was such an honor to have you as my guest.

Robyn Stratton-Berkessel
Founder: &
Author, Speaker, Coach, Facilitator,
International Appreciative Inquiry Expert

SONY DSCIf you’re ready for positivity, creativity, and zest then read Dr Judy Krings’ book, Rev Up Your Relationship Resilience.

It’s full of positive psychology research for the head, witty quotes for the heart, and practical application tips for a hands on approach.

Judy embodies authentic positive psychology!

Brent O’Bannon
Gallup Certified Strengths Coach
Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

I coach NFL players whose relationships are taxed by their grueling physical and emotional schedules. I also work with trailblazers who are often frustrated because they want to enhance their personal relationships and give them care and attention they know they deserve. Judy’s fantastically vivid and visually appealing relationship book is a Godsend of inspiration. It’s a winning positive psychology playbook for real life. My players and trailblazers will appreciate the action-packed photos that reflect her no-nonsense approach to making love last. Judy’s powerful book scores a big touchdown with me. My clients are going to love her wit and grit! Rev Up Your Relationship Resilience is 5-star original play!

Chrissy Carew
Hall of Fame Master Certified Coach
Founder and Head Coach. Insightful Player, LLC
Approved partner of the NFL Players Association
Author, Insightful Player: Football Pros Lead a Bold Movement

Not only is Dr. Judy Krings a uniquely human positive psychology coach, she is also uniquely gifted. She has a magical ability to take academic concepts from Positive Psychology and turn them into practical, real-life activities that invigorate people’s lives. Judy obviously delights in spreading positive emotions and cultivating love, and she has filled this ebook with her joyful effervescence. Like bubbles dancing in a champagne glass, her vivid metaphors capture the beauty and richness of connection and bring bursts of wonder and excitement into romantic relationships. Anyone whose work includes strengthening and enriching partnered relationships, whether a coach, counselor, relationship educator, or religious leader, will find several gems on every page showing skills, techniques, and activities to introduce the power of Positive Psychology to couples as a way to nurture love on a deep level. People looking to add more connection, more intimacy, more joy, and more “spark” to their romantic relationships will find dozens of easy-to-implement ideas to increase the vibrancy and savor the richness of their love. This is a delightful guidebook with a beautiful mission.

Stephen Coxsey, MA, LPC, PCC
Positive Psychology Coach and Trainer
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

guptaJudy is not only a masterful coach, but her new relationship book enlightens she is an intuitive and insightful person as well. Her simple, yet empirically grounded and everyday applicable relationship mantras, are truly a delight to read and imbibe! This book has left me soaked in the power of now and the power of my own strengths. It also joyfully re-energized me to authentically nurture each of my relationships. Rev Up Your Relationship Resilience is the perfect guide to unlock the immense potential of your relationships. Take the plunge and read this lovely book today!

Sugandh Gupta
Life Coach and Psychologist

It was hard to put this book down! I really enjoyed this exquisite book and learned a lot about myself & how to react to spouse and others. I thoroughly enjoyed the flair of the photos which tied in the various creative relationship ideas! Dr. Judy Krings really digs right into your character and does it so eloquently. She gifts you by making it very interesting to find out more about yourself and your inner strengths. How does she think of all those thoughts!?! Thoroughly enjoyed the meaningful quotes throughout the book. I came away with ‘I want to make gratitude my happy habit’. Another wonderful book by Dr. Krings!

Susan Engler
New Castle , DE
Engler’s Designer Images

wheelerI am grateful for the relationship I have with my husband. He is my everything. This is my second marriage and I know all to well how fragile a relationship can be. I am motivated to continue to focus on discovering ways to strengthen my 20 year marriage. Rev Up Your Relationship Resilience- 7 Positive Psychology Tips To Make Love Last is all I need to read and practice these tips on a daily basis and I will have continue to have a thriving marriage filled with mutual respect and love. The book offers lots of research to back up Dr. Krings’ suggestions which I appreciate and so does my husband. Based in science not some new age movement these ideas are sound and my husband is willingly open to trying the tips. One tip is be excited to see your partner at the beginning and end of the day. Look deeply into your partners eyes and affirm how much you appreciate them. Powerful stuff! Have play time together, go for a walk, to a movie, play a card game. Have dinner together most nights or break bread during one meal a day at least…being grateful for the good life you have together is a sure way to continue to grow together. Thank you Dr. Krings for putting this lovely and inspiring book together. You are a gifted writer. Do yourself a favor download this ebook and share it with your partner. You will be glad you did.

Cheryl Wheeler
Wife, Mother, Artist, Speaker, Private Pilot and Philanthropist

I can’t wait to share Dr Judy’s new book with all the members of my church. Father will especially appreciate using it with couples coming in for help. It will have a special place of honor in our parish library. How she is able to make serious communication tips in such a delightfully easy to understand way is down right amazing. Her common sense down-to-earth approach makes this positive psychology coaching book so accessible. It’s not preachy at all. It’s real ways to help coupes of all ages GET IT! It is great her suggestions are based on science. We know these tips work. Talk about a book to help prevent divorce! I took a ton of notes and can’t wait to share these with my adult kids, too. Get this fun book for everyone you know who wants to polish their relationship. Love shines here for sure.

Robyn Krall
Office Manager
Manitowoc, WI

I wish I had known these relationship life-saver tips 40 years ago! Not that I don’t love my husband and have a good marriage, because I do, but the new world of positive psychology coaching raises my eyebrows. I now know the science behind why giving hugs and looking at my husband in the eyes when I talk with him gives us both those “micro-moments of love.” All news to me, and I love this new science to focus on the good first. I am buying Judy’s lively book as shower, wedding, and anniversary gifts for every couple I know. Rev Up Your Relationship Resilience ~ 7 Positive Psychology Tips to Make Love Last is a beautiful book with an inspiring soul. I highly recommend it.

Cheryl Nash
Executive Assistant
Milford, DE

altmanI’ve just finished reading Dr. Judy Kring’s Rev Up Your Relationship Resilience e-book and loved every minute of it! Dr. Judy’s writing style is fast, fun and colorful. The points she makes for bettering relationships are timely, valuable and doable. In addition, Dr. Judy provides a wealth of references that will support anyone seriously interested in improving his/her own relationships.I know my husband will enjoy reading Dr. Judy’s book also. It will be fun for us to discuss her points and see how we can implement them so that we can continue to improve our already great relationship — in a fun and constructively empowering way! In addition to Dr. Judy’s sage relationship insights, her beautiful and whimsical photos make this a delightful book to read and refer to on a frequent basis! Thank you, Dr. Judy, for sharing your positive psychology coaching for improved relationships with all of us lucky enough to read your book!!

Kimberly Altman
Ceramic artist
Puerto Vallarta, MX

zirkel‘Refreshing’ is the word that comes to mind for this fun and colorful book for couples looking to rev up their relationship. Dr. Krings does a nice job cherry-picking some of the best jewels from positive psychology research and offering them one cherry at a time. What a fun book to read! I especially liked the tips in the FUN section. Great insights and great reminders for couples looking to up their game and get the most from their relationship! Congratulations on this lovely new pearl!

Annie Zirkel, MA, LPC
Relationship consultant, speaker, writer
Ann Arbor, MI

Dr. Judy Krings’ beautiful and rich new book is a definite keeper, not just for romantic relationships, but for ALL relationships. Rev Up Your Relationship Resilience – 7 Positive Psychology Tips to Make Love Last is not only a richly personal journal of her journey through the complex twists and turns of relationships, but more importantly, it is a tool box of hundreds of tips and techniques to keep our relationships, and thus our lives, thriving. Combining common sense, psychological and medical studies, and generous enthusiasm, Dr. Krings brings us back to the basic human elements that are necessary for every successful relationship, not just romantic ones: communication, acknowledging others and what they do, forgiveness, kindness, generosity of spirit, and more. Then she gives multiple suggestions on how to keep those traits front of mind so they become a part of who we are and how we interact with others every day. Dr. Krings illuminates the deep issues that can destroy families, friendships and marriages, but she does it in a loving, human way. She then lightly and deftly directs us to ways to confront and avoid those issues. She acknowledges that it takes work to keep relationships healthy but teaches us to appreciate the work because the rewards are so great. This is a book to keep close at hand as a reminder that relationships are to be nurtured and protected and are truly the reason we’re here. I intend to give this book to friends and family members because I think that everyone has something to gain from reading it. Even if your relationship is ‘perfect,’ Dr. Krings will show you how to take it to a higher level! It’s a great book – a real treat and a treasure.

Joan Maloney
Owner, Graphic Designer, Studio 318
Del Mar, California

boothLove looks not with the eyes but with the mind; and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind. -William Shakespeare : Midsummer Night’s Dream

There is nothing as important in our lives as relationships. Dr. Krings’ book is an absolute MUST have for anyone who understands and values the importance of relationships. Full of practical advice to strengthen already good relationships and improve those that are weak; it provides a deep foundation for future happiness. As a practicing physician and as a loving couple, we have personally benefited greatly from this book. Therefore, I can recommend this life manual to all my patients and friends. Do not miss out; empower your relationships, get more joy and fulfillment and protect the core things in your life. Don’t hesitate, get it NOW!

John V Booth, MD & Victoria M Miller

beerntsenIn a world where individuals frequently tend to focus on the negative and the things that divide us, positive psychology is a breath of fresh air! Dr. Judy Krings’ Rev Up Your Relationship Resilience is a straight-forward guidebook on how to enhance the most important relationship we all have: the relationship with our spouse or partner. I found the book easy to read and the coaching strategies ones that offer immediate results. With links to many other positive psychology sites and quotes from pioneers in the field such as Martin Seligman, Barbara Fredrickson and Robert Muller, Dr. Krings’ book offers valuable resources for readers who wish to delve further into positive psychology. Added bonuses: the tips in the chapter on communication apply to all relationships, not just love relationships, the book is written with a humorous flare, and the photos are absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy this book!

Penny Beerntsen
Retired business owner
Restorative justice practitioner
Door County, WI

nelsonJudy’s book was a wake up call for me. My mind was opened to a whole new love language of relationship realities. Judy’s book has helped me solve mysteries and answered many questions about why relationships work and why many do not. Positive psychology has put my senses on high alert. I now know what to focus on in relationships. I have learned new proven practices and love habits. I wish I had had these scientifically proven facts years ago. To see how to mindfully look for and be aware of what is RIGHT and GOOD about my partner and to communicate that daily. Judy asked the tough questions I’d not dared to ask myself before now. Then she gave me the positive psychology answers to employ.

As a luxury real estate realtor, I learned how the foundations of specific types of communication make a relationship structurally strong and able to withstand the tumultuous times all partnerships need to weather. Judy’s 70 stunning photos (she took herself) and 140 specific positivity tips add beauty and finesse to her uplifting, fun book. I love that it does not read like a text. It is practical, not preachy. Judy’s charming book illuminates. It puts the spotlight on YOU and YOUR relationship. I felt as if I was talking with zestful Judy as I read each page. I look forward to gifting this book to my friends. This is a terrific read and highly recommended.

Kelly Nelson, M.A.
Realtor, David Pullen Properties
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

lynn_keeganWhat a treat to read! Rev Up Your Relationship Resilience ~ 7 Positive Psychology Tips to Make Love Last is an insightful, quick book to savor. It definitely offers a boost to your love interest relationship. And everyone has someone they love. So arm yourself with some of Dr. Judy’s most recent, effective, and easy-to-apply Positive Psychology Tips to recharge the dynamic spark you have with that special person. Maintaining your loving relationship is worth everything.

Lynn Keegan, RN, PhD, AHN-BC, FAAN

Sheila TasmanTalk about a cornucopia of positive psychology relationship treats! No matter what the state of your relationship(s), you will love this relevant and entertaining book, “Rev Up Your Relationship Resilience”. I couldn’t put it down. Creative and inspiring, it is also a fun feast for your eyes. Judy’s 140 tips and 70 photos motivate you to look at your partnership communication skills with a fresh new perspective. Judy challenges you in her most playful, charming way to add new couple skills to your every-day love life. Her book is a rare gift. Pay it forward to all you love and to all those who want and need answers to their relationship questions. This book is a relationship elixir!

Sheila Tasman
Positive Psychology Entrepreneur