Dive Bombing Divas – Strength Spotting Splendor

Baby Robins Garden

“OMG, what did I do?” blasted through my brain.

I didn’t mean to rush them. The last thing I wanted was a dive bomber demise!

Here’s the back-story.

Baby Robins Garden 2Baby Robins Garden 3Baby Robins Garden 4

I was snapping another photo after two weeks watching 3 robin eggs and mama. One egg was small and elongated, but I was hoping. Mama bird ripped me a new one every time I slid the patio door open.

My best buddy in Delaware, Cheryl Lynn, asked me how long it would take for the baby birds to fly the nest. I had no idea, but did not want to spoil my fun and Google it. Patience is a virtue, and not my strong suit, so I was stretching mine. I was on baby bird alert.

Of course, I was also smiling to myself thinking Mom would have loved sharing the anticipated birdie births. They were born on May 20, 2103. So here’s the answer for you, Cheryl. They flew to fine-feathered freedom nine days later. That all three baby birds took wing the same time was a little miracle.

Here’s why.

Taking one last photo, out of the blue (skies), I yanked back my camera in a head-jerking retreat. All three 3 baby robins shook my soul! The little darlings swooped and darted past me. Whoa! In a blink of an eye, I went from awe to OMG awful…

One of the birds came about 2″ from biting the dust on our deck. But in the nick of time, she courageously flapped and flew! The runt birdie, I bet. The one who was born two days after the other two. No offense, but her egg was odd. I took pause. I did not expect her to hatch. But she defied the odds. She reminded me of Gillette Burgess’ poem, “The Purple Cow”. * She was different, and small, but so what. She made it!

Premature flight, so what?

The third little bird followed her older siblings and took a dive into the wild blue yonder, youngest or not. Yes, she was close to death, but ever an optimistic dear, she flapped her heart out and made it to a close branch. Cocking her surprised head, the let out a victorious chirp to proud Mama nearby.

Mama Bird and Birdie Baby Daddy were squawking bloody murder. Protective parents, I admired their tenacity. All 5 flew loop-do-loops. The babies seemed shocked their wings worked so wonderfully. On and off they took to the air. At first short runs, but in a few minutes, they hit the tall fir trees. I stood there watching in absolute delight. Stunned looks on the little-beaked faces etched smiles onto mine. They had a field day stretching their wings, beaks smiling as they bravely dove off a branch and spread their wings yet again.

I kept thinking of positive psychology.

How nature reveals to us many character strengths. Courage, creative exploration, tenacity, patience, and beauty. How many others can you spot?

So are you ready to fly with your own strengths?

Take a lesson from this birdie family. Fly high with friends and family, even if your launch sometimes seems turbulent. Courage is cool.

Please flash me an email and let me know how you are also flying high. I love to hear from you.

*P.S. Poet Gillette Burgess is a distant relative. Here’s the Purple Cow poem:

“I never saw a purple cow,
I never hope to see one,
But I can tell you anyhow,
I’d rather see than be one!”

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