Resilience – Poignant Positive Psychology in Awesome 9-11 Boat Lift

It’s 1:45 a.m. and I can’t sleep.


No big deal, it happens to all of you, too. I pause a second to be grateful. My computer is alive and well and ready to rock and roll. Thank you, universe!

Ok, I could whine. I have a full day of clients ahead. Also a Mentor Coach class on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (it is amazing!) and several personal appointments. One is with a recent unemployed college graduate who will give me my first iphone5 lesson. So what if I am a late-bloomer Boomer. I am gleefully venturing into the “put on my big girl party pants” techie world!

What do you do when you can’t sleep?

I connect! I answered about 30 emails I had not done yesterday. I was too blamed pooped to tell you the truth. But yesterday was grand. I touched base on the telephone (remember when that was the only way to connect?) with two great friends. Belonging fills up my boat with fellow life cruisers. Fun.

Speaking of positive emotions and relationships, two of the cornerstones of positive psychology…

I realized I had not opened up several emails from my dear friend, Susie Fair Engler. I joyfully anticipate her emails. She and her husband, Don, are photographers and sailors. I get dandy delight from their unique artistry. You may remember them from a previous blog, dressed in civil War finery.

I opened her first email. OMG! Gulp. I cried. I have to share the YouTube video she sent me.

OK, I will in a sec…But before you leave me to watch this video, may I ask you to PAUSE. Why?

To remember: In tragedy, we humans soar. We are often at our best when life ladles us out the worst.


Is a key positive psychology word. Making choices in life to optimally thrive, no just survive.

Do yourself a favor.

When you watch this video narrated by Tom Hanks, see and feel courage, generosity, and selfless love. Actually, all 24 character strengths unite here in stunning victory. Man at his resilient best.

In case you want to brush up on your strengths spotting or how to use your strengths, you can review them all in my (humbly) still Amazon best selling kindle book! Many thanks and smooth sailing!

(Photo is my back yard on Lake Michigan)

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