Mom-isms ~ Positive Reminiscing Wisdom Quotes From My Mom


It’s difficult for my mind to wrap itself around the awareness my beloved Mom, Louise Burgess, has graced Heaven for over three years. She was my humble perennial North Star, my shining light of acceptance and quiet love. She always made me smile, and bless her, she still does.

Today, I was reviewing my old blogs about Mom to post on Pinterest. When I found this one from 2010, I thought, “Six years ago… How fast life flies by. Like the wisp of fairy wings as they softly tap their magic wands to answer our prayers. Or to make our dreams come true.” Mom’s love was like that, pure and peaceful.

Dearest Mom, Happy Mother’s Day. I remember you telling me, “I never met a flower I didn’t like!”

Here’s one of my favorite quotes for precious you:

“If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.”
Attributed to Claudia Ghandi

Does your Mom, or did she, if your dear Mom has passed, have phrases that float around in your mind? Every time I hear certain phrases, a smile magically lights up my face. My whole being actually.

I enjoy watching my Mom using her laptop. Her former secretary fingers slowly navigating their way across the keyboard. How grand to be 91 and continue to let your fingers float across the keyboard.

Do you ever catch yourself smiling when you are typing? I do, every time I tap out a story about Mom. Wisdom packed in a 4′ 10″ little body. Here are some of her fun phrases. I bet you will notice how much they relate to positivity. But they are all her own.

My Mom’s Fun Phrases

  1. “Consider the source” (when someone hurts you or acts ridiculously). Don’t react to them, just let it go.”
  2. “Life is short, do it now.”
  3. “You don’t have to look far to find someone worse off than you. Be grateful for what you have.”
  4. “To think, I am a little farm girl born in Girdletree, MD. I never thought in a million years I would travel the world. Until I was 50 I never dreamed I could go places. Then I had an opportunity. I had to be talked into it, but I went on my first overseas trip. So I will tell you, don’t wait for life! Learn to DREAM!”
  5. “Save your money for a rainy day. But if rains, smile, anyway.”
  6. Don’t take it personally, just let it go.” Letting go, Mom said, came easily to her. She learned that lesson from her bossy best friend. Violet, who grew up on the farm next to hers. When I asked Mom if she ever resented Violet’s ordering her around, easy-going Mom piped up with, “Nope, I never did. She decided what we did, so I never had to worry about making the decision!”
  7. “Conflict isn’t worth it. Life is short, forgiving is better.”
  8. “Sometimes I think I am the luckiest person in the world.” No, Mom. That would be me, ’cause I have wonderful you as my mom!
  9. You can have too much of a good thing. Even a little bit of something good is enough.”
  10. Never judge another. Think about how lucky you are that you are you.
  11. “Just be patient.” I still haven’t learned this one!
  12. “Never give up. I flunked my driver’s test twice, but I finally passed.”
  13. “Do it yourself. Don’t depend on others unless you absolutely have to. Be responsible.”
  14. “This horse is old. I ain’t kickin’ as high, but I’m still kicking.”

Mom is probably the most gently humble person I know or have ever known. Quietly wise, understated, incredibly easy to get along with, and so very kind and hopeful. At her assisted living home, everyone spontaneously relates she is the dearest person they have ever met. Yep, that’s my Mom.

I bet I can hear you saying, “Whirlwind, Jumping Judy sure as heck must take after her dad!” I probably do. But I thank Mom from the bottom of my heart for her wisdom that has rubbed off and painted positivity pictures on my soul.

What do all my friends say about Mom? “Do you know how lucky you are to have a Mom like yours?” You bet!

So what positivity Momisms has your mom tattooed on your psyche?”

Here’s a hint. Look at your VIA strengths.
Pause and enjoy your mom memories.
See if certain phrases bubble up.
Smile and pop the bubbles.
Having fun yet?

Happy Mother’s Day love to you all!



P.S. If, heaven forbid, you have a toxic mom, you have my sincere empathy. Instead of your Mom, think of the person in your life who has loved and mentored you. I want positivity memories to float your boat, today and every day. You deserve love!