7 Virtues of a Good Man

It’s finally summer and time to practice what I preach. I am enjoying our very short warm season here in Wisconsin, taking some time away from writing to savor all life’s flavors.

I am re-positing one of my most popular blogs. It shares my friend’s gut-wrenching challenges. How he survived and conquered years of torturous trials. He would tell you it was life’s fertilizer and he grew from it all. He is the poster guy for transcendence, transforming hell’s horrors into persistent positivity.

Big hugs of thanks, Dan Peters, for sharing your gritty story of hope and optimism. How you dug your way out of the sadness swamp is remarkably inspiring.

See Dan’s photo here with his beloved sons, Adam and Andy.


My dear friend, self-made man, Dan Peters, has been through the trenches. Severe child abuse, electrocution, drug and alcohol abuse, a suicide attempt, and business challenges have sent him to his knees. Regardless, Dan’s passion to help others trumps.

Recently, we were rehashing positivity and strengths strategies. Without missing a beat, he whipped out his recent journal page. I asked him if I could share it with you. “Absolutely, if it might another, you bet!”

Loves GOD

(with all of his mind, all of his heart, all of his soul and all of his strength): Realizes his life is no accident and allows time each day to give thanks and praise to his Father GOD. He subjects his will to that of his Creator.


Understands there is but one method for success; time and energy. He acknowledges life will interject wondrous events and circumstances. He willingly and inevitably adjusts his initial goals.


Is mindful of the needs of his spouse, children, friends and self . He meets these with love, time spent and inspiration (in-spirit). He knows material things alone can never hope to achieve authentic love.


Must first be honest with himself, to discern the real motives behind his actions; this will facilitate his ability to be honest with others. He has an uncompromising ethical code based on his values, spirituality and his own experiences.


Is generous with his time, talent and treasures for the betterment of others. He has developed a discerning mind to minimize becoming a doormat for those who would abuse his generous spirit. He is mindful it is better to be used than to be the user.

Facility for Compassion

Is cognizant of the real, undeserved suffering of others. He is innately willing to do something about it now. He never forgets charity starts at home, strengthening him to give more to others.

Seeker of Wisdom

Has chosen upstanding role models. Treats himself as he would a friend, with knowledge he will experience lapses in judgment and will make mistakes along the way. He makes use of these events to learn. He remembers to be grateful always.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart, Dan, for sharing your personal creed. You are a role model for resilience. Why not share this with all the men you love, your kids, grand kids and friends? What would you add to your creed? How about sprinkling some loving kindness your own way, too?

I love your comments, so I hope to hear from you! Feedback is fun.

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