Rock Your Relationship Resilience

Spark the Power of Positive Psychology Coaching

How’s your relationship?

Humming along or need a little tune up? Never fear, positive psychology coaching strategies are here!

Science is confirming what we have known for decades. We are social creatures who need positive relationships for well-being. In fact, studies are revealing your relationships might be THE MOST IMPORTANT factor contributing to your happiness, especially your most intimate relationship. Beloved positive psychology pioneer, Chris Peterson, said during a previous MentorCoach Conference presentation, “There are no happy hermits.”

I woke up one day and was thinking about a couples’ coaching session I had had the day before. It hit me they might enjoy seeing the handout I completed for my MentorCoach relationship presentation in Bethesda, MD, a few months ago. Then it dawned on me you might enjoy it, too. It’s chock full of innovative ways to improve your relationship and includes many frolicking photos to delight you, too.

I cited a few specific and enjoyable positive psychology coaching strategies/applications you can begin to implement right now. I also created an outline of marriage researcher John Gottman’s new book, “A Man’s Guide to Women ~ Scientifically Proven Secrets from the ‘Love Lab’ About What Women Really Want.” Ladies, see if you agree! And guys, check it out. Are you on the same page as Gottman?

View the Handout

I love to hear from you. What matters to you, what you enjoy, and maybe even how you apply this eye-opening relationship research in your own life.

Cheers to your happy couple capers and newer closeness,