Positive Reminiscing and Musical Meanderings

Is your cellphone loaded with your favorite musical meanderings?

For the first time ever, I was treating myself to adding music to my iphone. Now that our car in Puerto Vallarta syncs iphone music, I was hell-bent on downloading some of my favorite songs. I will be singing in the sunshine when we return in September. Remember that old song by Gale Garnett, “We’ll Sing in the Sunshine?” Oh, I am waxing philosophical!

Dang it all. I hit a roadblock. I wanted to download the song whose lyrics begin with “Hello little woman, hello big man.” The joyful song my radio host, Ron Zimmerman, would often play for 6′ 3″ Ken and 5′ 1″ me. I thought it was Carly Simon’s song, but I couldn’t find it on itunes. Next step, I googled it.

Wham! My jaw dropped. I was dumb struck! In the very first position on the page, there was a blog I wrote for my terrific, beloved radio host friend, Ron Zimmerman. I had written a retirement blog in his honor in 2012. “Wow!” I retorted to myself in praise of SEO. That’s “search engine optimization” for you non-techies. It had connected me to the very Carly Simon song I had been looking for. Ron, God love you in Heaven, you showed me the way. Serendipitous splendor. Ron is still making me smile.

So this one is for you, dear Ron. You are gone but the bond of our friendship lives on. Until we met again. This time I am dedicating this blog song for you.

And here’s the song in case your appetite is whetted to celebrate along with me.

Ron was strengths in action personified. Brilliant, studied, wise, perceptive, and always curious about life. And his delightfully lovely, patient, pretty and generous wife, Sally, is a friend I continue to treasure.

To whom might you give a hug of gratitude today?

Happy early summer to you. May you savor memorable music that makes your heart sing. Happy lyrical positive reminiscing!