Should You Use Top or Bottom Strengths?

Hot diggety dog! Exciting new research on using your signature strengths. Did you remember, your top 5 VIA strengths are often the personal values you use most often in the course of your day?

Here’s the new deal. Using your bottom least used strengths may also increase your subjective feelings of well being. Like exercising your body, exercising your strengths helps you feel better in your life.

Here’s an example from my VIA results.

I use art and excellence every day. If I am feeling low, or pooped and sad, I look at any pretty or fascinating art object. Or I spin a kaleidoscope, look at a peacock feather, or play my “Over the Rainbow” music box. Ah, that so takes me to my happy place. Yes, even these little things wake up your brain to pleasure.

One of my lower strengths is caution and prudence. So if I am upset or feeling negative emotion, I pause. I ask myself the question, “How could I be more careful here?” Or, “How can this hurt me if I do it?” Or “Is this really helping me live my values?” OK, usually I just plow on through stuff.

This new research tells me I can look at my least used strengths to brighten up my mood, too. Super! 24 values all mine for the taking to get me back on the trail of feeling good.

Keep out your VIA results to remind you how to live your best life. To notice which values you are using and celebrate how much happier and meaningful your life can become if you are mindful of them?

So which one of your values are you going to have fun with today?