Elevation, Elation, and Positive Emotion Enlightenment

© 2011 Dr. Judy Krings

How has a dear friend motivated you to reach greater personal heights?

Do you remember the phrase, “You cannot give what you do not have and
acknowledge within yourself?” Mea culpa! I admit some days I am so busy DOING
I ignore the wonderful awareness of my BEING.
How about you?

My dear friend, Coach Gayle Scroggs, wrote a post for one of our positive psychology
groups. It hoisted my sail of awareness. Wise Gayle, discussed how
positive emotion unfolds for you when you journal it.
Ever creative, she began a journal, “Me at My Best.”

Research shows when you observe and stop to note your positive experiences,
especially acts of kindness, your happiness and joy expand.
An accordion of awesome!

When is the last time an “elevating experience” has come to sit on your shoulder?
Did you savor it?

This photo shows you one of mine. Mom is holding on for dear life, but her bravery
strength was backed by motivation. She made the decision to re-visit her home of 50
years one last time. She will treasure that experience forever.

What was positive emotion elevating?
I knew Bill had only one day off the week before he resigned his job.
He spent his free time building this ramp so Mom could visit his home
to see her new home. He is the epitome of empathy.
So is his dear wife, Cathy, gleefully wheeling Mom.

Is that you I see running off to get a new “Me at My Best” colorfully uplifting,
mood elevating journal?  Will you grab one for me, too?


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