Valentine’s Day Values ~ Love or Bah-Humbug?


Are you a romantic like I am? Valentine’s Day is meaningful.
Or are you the type who thinks Valentine’s Day is just another day?
Or worse yet, a bah-humbug commercial rip off?

Thinking of Valentine’s Day gave me pause. “What is so important about it?”
The answer fell upon me like a handful of lovingly tossed colorful heart confetti.
Love to me is like connecting the love dots between people. I mindfully stop,
think about you, and a smile erupts.

Anyone I love, I am grateful for you sharing my world. And if you can put up
with zestful, nutty me, let me tell you, you are special and deserve recognition!

I don’t need to lavish you with expensive gifts. Instead, I send you in a
Facebook, e-card, or email reminding you wherever you go, I carry you
in my heart. That includes all of  you positivity partners reading this
blog right now. Thank you!

Think of your 24 character strengths.
Where is your “Love and the Ability to Love” strength?
You already know where mine is. Right near the top.
Yup, I’m the type, when I love,  I love you deaf, dumb and blind.

True loving reminds me of positive psychologist Dr. Chris Peterson’s mantra,
“Other people matter.”

OK, so even if Valentine’s Day isn’t your cup of tea, I know how
unselfish you are! Think how good you’ll feel when you lavish a
little love onto someone you care about.

And don’t forget to LOVE YOURSELF! It took me many coaching
sessions to verbalize that, but now I can! How about you?


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