What’s Your Positivity Story? Take the Quiz. Write It Here!

Fed up with New Year’s resolutions?

What's Your Positivity Story?

Feeling overwhelmed with “should’s, have to’s and must’s?”

Remember what the famous, sometimes infamous psychologist, Dr. Albert Ellis said…

“Quit ‘musterbating!'” No “must do’s” here!

How about a fun quiz instead? Powerful, fun, and personal questions to guide your 2013 journey. Let yourself go. Frolic in fun. Smile while you are thinking. Maybe a light bulb moment idea will illuminate your 2013. Goody, there are no right answers. Hint: Think of your 24 strengths. Time to let your victorious values shine!

Your Positivity Story Quiz begins here:

1. What do you love about your life?

2. What is your greatest passion or joy?

3. What is your theme for living life? (Mine was helping others to be happier and sharing their joy.)

4. What do you want your legacy to be? (Think personality, family, friends, work, spirituality, health, hobbies, community)

5. If you could download into your brain any subject and become an expert at it, what would you choose. (Like I could limit it to one thing!)

(Having fun yet?)

6. What is your biggest pet peeve? How do you manage it? (Perhaps forgiveness, self-regulation, spirituality?)

7. What is your biggest struggle? What have to tried to accept it or cope with it? (Need some hope or help? Get a coach!)

8. What do you want or plan to change this year? How much time will it take? (Remember many of you misjudge and your completion date. Be reasonable so you won’t be disappointed at your progress. Use small steps to success.)

9. What is getting in your way? How have you planned to circumvent this? Is there a pattern? How can you break the cycle?

10. What did you learn from your biggest mistake? What strengths did you harness to COPE NOT MOPE?

(More fun!)

11. What was your greatest success? Or perhaps several and see which strengths helped you feel successful.

12. How did you celebrate it? With whom? (Legacy from esteemed Chris Peterson, “Other people matter.”)

13. What are some of your favorite memories? Why? Who was there?

14. What do you wish for? Have you begun a goals plan to get what you want?

15. Do you have a fist step in mind to get you started on your plan? (That is usually the toughest part, getting your mojo movin’! Hint, share it with a coach and get there faster! Accountability is a huge key to your success.)

How did you do?

Do you like the chapters in your life? Need to add more, delete a few scenarios, or do some editing? This story is about wonderful YOU! Enough for a positive psychology Ebook when you harness your 24 strengths to write it. Think of your 24 values as sprinkles of happiness on every page. Sweet!

I would love to read your story. Every email form you is a gift.

Happy New Year and deep bows of gratitude for sharing.

You matter.

P.S. I will write more about new work-in-progress Puerto Vallarta “The Wall” in a future blog. The tile is a tribute to Mom. I love helping add to this mosaic wonder created by imaginative designer, Natasha Moraga.