Positive Psychology Tips: How to Love Your Life on Valentine’s Day!

What do you think and feel about Valentine’s Day?

Judy Krings

Do you wait for a special gift? Or would you rather ignore the whole day?

I think of Valentine’s Day as a time to pause and think about loving life. Lovers? I don’t leave them out, oh contraire! I think of every single one of you as being lovers…Of your whole life, I hope!

Why not make it grand and give yourself the gift of love?

Routinely ask yourself this important question:

“Do I PAUSE and SAVOR what LOVE means to me?”

Remember Charles Schultz’s books on love and happiness? “Happiness is a Warm Puppy” springs to mind. I feel a positive reminiscing grin erupting. I remember my friend, Brenda Neeman, who gave it to me when I was in high school. She really had my number.

Do you have positive memories about Valentine’s Day?

Hope you have many! Close your eyes and let your heart embrace that past positivity. Positive psychology research relates that remembering your positive past adds to your life satisfaction. It may even add healthy years to your life. Share them with others for a double delight.

Breaking news!

There is an enlightening new book on love, what it is and what is isn’t: LOVE 2.0 by Barbara Fredrickson. She calls love “our supreme emotion”. Want a teaser? Love is not everlasting! Rather, after romantic love feelings have lost their luster, you keep love on track by being mindful of micro-moments of love. Make sure you express them to your friends, family and lover. There are so many ways to know and show what love is. This book rocks conventional wisdom.

And get this. Fredrickson’s research shocks that “love is as necessary to life as food and oxygen”. Wow! Your brain chemistry dictates your overall health, and love alters it. Amazing. Exercising your love muscle actually retrains your brain! Not just sexual love, but all kinds of love.

Remember that the “Ability to love and be loved ” is a character strength.

New research on self-compassion reminds you valuing yourself and using all your character strengths adds happiness and meaning to your life.

You can stretch love into all kinds of positive directions. Use your five senses, that’s the key. Where do you find love in your “See, hear, taste, touch, and smell” day? Rev up your awareness. Result? Maximizing your healthy, resilient feelings of love.

My photos are my mosaic of love.

The Wall and Pier Dedication

I painted the word, “LOVE” on Puerto Vallarta’s newest art passion, “The Wall” created by talented Nat Moraga. She encouraged me to draw the peacock feather, too. I was truly blessed to be awarded this honor as the Wall is 100% her creation. I adore Nat who I met through friends. Hers was a labor of love on many levels. One teacher’s discrimination of Nat’s work, “It’s too ‘gay'” went all the way to the Mexican federal government. There were treats that she would have to tear it down! Unreal.

Nat’s story and her work, as well as my letter to the editor, made the front page of Puerto Vallarta’s largest online news Publication, Banderas News. Then it went viral! Talk about a shock for us both!

Mosayko Vallarta Art Project in Jeopardy

What's Your Positivity Story?

I purposely focused on character strengths in my letter. I said not one bad word about anyone. Instead I tried to help the world see the positivity and LOVE stemming form one woman’s passion. You can see more photos on my Facebook page, too, http://www.facebook.com/judykrings. So far hundreds of people have signed the petition to “Save The Wall”. I pray her loving artistry will stand forever. Please sign it if your spirit moves you.

Love…Your life… Is that you I see doodling a heart…Or two hearts intertwined?

I see a gigantic heart with your name inside. All warm and cozy!

Treat yourself, your friends or lover on Valentine’s Day, and gift them with my book…

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