Four Mantras Every Woman Needs to Know

Huh?…What?… A magazine article about Christmas coping on St. Patrick’s Day?



Well, at least the green part is right! But it is also an article about how to minimize your “seeing red” when life deals you a losing hand of overwhelm.

This article initially got my CURIOSITY strength hoppin’. Then I remembered many months ago, I had an interview re: mantras. Have fun on a scavenger hunt. Read closely and find me here!

CREATIVITY is one of my top strengths (Yours, too?).

I got a brainstorm to send you this magazine article I recently received from lovely author, Jennifer Matlack, First For Women Magazine. It’s way cool and relevant no matter what color the season.

Nothing like getting a St. Patrick’s Day gift with a Christmas twist!

Who said strengths can’t be celebrated any day of the year? And speaking of strengths, I am expressing my GRATITUDE and KINDNESS to Jen for sending me her article. She really has my top strengths humming.

What strengths get your life seeing positivity green?

GREEN means money, nature, and GO! It keep you creating your BEST SELF LIFE FLOW!

So how will you grin and upbeat your green? St. Patrick’s Day and every day. Bo Blarney, Strengths whip up your gold nuggets of wellbeing.

Robo and Anniv 24th Ocho Tostados Freddy's 002

Please let me know!

I love hearing from you. And remember that your ability to LOVE and BE LOVED is also a primo strength.

But watch the green beer, OK?

P.S. The green sand and oil circular hour glass in the photo is what I focus on every a.m. when I say my mantras. Unique peace.

P.P.S. Remember my previous blog on mantras? If you want to know more, please grab a copy of my dear friend Annie Zirkel’s book, A Pocketful of Mantras. Wisdom personified.

And deep gratitude to all of you who have added to my pot of life’s gold and made my book, Photo Adventures in Cuba a continued Amazon bestseller!