Happy 95th Birthday in Heaven, Mom!


My darling Mom, Louise Burgess, would have been 95 today.

I snapped this photo last year just before her party. Is that a happy woman? You bet! In less than 3 weeks after her whirlwind birthday, she would be gone.

If Mom were still blessing the planet with her quiet, humble charm, I would be in Delaware. I would have her birthday party all lined up. Her flowers, gifts and cards beginning several days before her birthday, would be ready to rock and roll. Her favorite McDonald’s hot mocha would be steaming next to her lift chair. Tons of photos would be taken. Friends would be greeted with enthusiastic joy. To hell with her healthy diet for a day or two. Mom loved to savor strawberry pretzel salad my best friend, Cheryl Nash, would make for her. She’d smile as if she were naughty and gobble down a few M and M’s. Go for it, Mom, life is short…

Tears here…Gratitude for Mom…

Truly, with no hype whatsoever, she was THE BEST MOM in the universe. God knows I loved her to the heavens and still do.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all of you who sent her cards, emails and gifts. You made her life have so much more meaning. She was incredibly grateful.

I ran across this video my friend, Denise Buccholz, made for Mom for her birthday several years ago. Positive reminiscing at its best.

Yes, Mom was THRILLED with her tombstone.

She had no fear of death. Why is she laughing? Because I gave it to her as a surprise birthday present that year! Cheryl took the cemetery photos. You bet we had fun, even at the cemetery! Mom was the loveliest treat, and I miss her every day. It is still sinking in.

Happy 95th Birthday, Mom!

Whoever you love, give them an extra hug for me today, OK?